Superbowl #commercials – which is your #favoritesuperbowlcommercial?

 Happy Sunday! What are you up to? I am working on some stuff for the biz but of course watching the super bowl commercials. That is my favorite part of the game. I am not really a football fan. I don’t mind it but it’s not something I HAVE to see. My sister is a pretty big fan of football. What is/are your favorite commercial(s) so far? I always look forward to the Anheuser Busch In-Bev commercials. I am guessing I am partial because my husband works for them as well 🙂 HAPPY SUNDAY SUPERBOWL DAY!

Wedding Ringer…. yay or nay?

We went to see the wedding ringer on Monday. I really liked the story line and the actors. I was literally laughing out loud as were others in the theater… What movies have you seen lately and what did you think? I would recommend the Wedding Ringer… Definitely good for some laughs.. although some inappropriate.. still really funny. It was rated R…

Christmas is almost here… ARE YOU READY?


Happy Holidays!  Are you a last minute shopper or are you a planning type of shopper? I was a little bit of both this year but have been done for a few weeks. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy loved ones around this holiday season!



So… I  am an avid Facebooker (if that is a real word? lol) but this is my first attempt at a blog. I am amazed at all of the wonderfully talented and creative friends I have met on Facebook and hope to expand this by blogging as well.. I am starting off slow but I am hoping this works for my official first time blogging!  I welcome any suggestions or input and want to THANK LEELOU for my awesome blog layout!!

Now a little bit about me… I am a VERY blessed Mother of two awesome boys. I have an amazing husband that is my better half and had me at hello. I love to be crafty and create so I am hoping to post some of my creations in the next few days…  Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday evening and Happy Crafting!!