Chameleon Markers – Coloring Gift Tags

Today we are featuring Chameleon Markers – Coloring Gift Tags. I love to color various things and have since I was little everything from using crayons, markers, colored pencils and of course paint. I really think it is therapeutic and I love to get my creative on. Today I am showing you a more in-depth look at coloring with Chameleon Markers and how they work. I do have two cute little tag projects and have instructions below. This time however, instead of showing you the project step by step, I concentrated on the details of using the Chameleon Markers and how you can get a wide array of colors with just the 20 colors they have. First the project directions. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Project Supplies Needed:

Chameleon Marker Set

All colors I used for all projects: GR3, OR4, RD4, BL3, BR5, CG8, Colorless Blender

You’re Snow Wonderful Stamp Set by A Creative Journey with Melissa

Memento tuxedo black ink

Tim Holtz Stapler


Tag Punch



Stamp Block


Take out your ribbon or twine. Cut the appropriate length for your creation. Set aside.

Take your ink, stamp block and paper.

Stamp the image and sentiment you wish for your creation using Memento Ink.

Take out your tag punch. Punch out your stamped creation.

Take out your Chameleon Markers.

Choose whichever tip you prefer to work with. Remember-depending on how light or dark you want your colors to be will decide how long you keep the blending solution cartridge on the nip of the ink. The longer you leave it on, the lighter the color will be to start with. A good method that I prefer to use is to count how many seconds you leave the cartridge on and then that way you will have a more uniform look if you need to have the same color further along in your project. You can use the colors and amount of blending solution you think best suit your creation and not what I did. This would be a design choice. Ultimately, you would color your image and background as desired using the following guidelines and techniques.

This is the brush nib side

brush tip

This is the bullet tip nib side

bullet tip*NOTE* A great guide to use to see which side is which nib is the gray ring as shown is where the brush nib is located. gray ringTake off the cap of the marker color that you have selected on the appropriate nib side. Put the cap aside. Place the blending solution chamber on the appropriate nib. Be sure it clicks in place.adding blending solutionKeep marker upright for the blending solution to join the alcohol ink. Count out the amount of time you do this for.
keep upright for blending solution

This is what the nib looked like. Often you will be able to see the color difference in the nib as it will show it very light on the tip of the nib itself. I have noticed however that on the darker colored markers, it is not as obvious. You will see an example of this further in the tutorial.tip w blending solution

Starting with the right Christmas tree, I started coloring where I wanted to have your lightest colored area on my project. Remember your blending solution will be used up and the true color will come as you use it up so it will get darker as you color.

coloring tree 3

As you are coloring, move your marker to where you wish to have your darkest color. This is the result.

colored tag varigation tree

If you need to repeat the colored area in a section which is larger and would need more of the lighter, medium and dark colors, repeat the above steps. This is where it helps to count how long you have placed your blending solution cartridge on your nib to continue to get the uniformed look.

Now, moving onto the trunk of the tree. You will repeat the steps above. In the below picture you can see where I over saturated when coloring. This was because I added too much blending solution at first so much of the color was transparent. This caused me to color over areas I had already colored causing this effect. Next time I will keep the blending solution on less in order to avoid this mistake.

close up tree w trunk

This is how dark the brown marker is normally without the solution.

brown difference color

Here’s a little closer up 🙂

brown-difference-color closeup

Now I am going to show you how coloring with the markers without any blending solution looks. It’s a very clean rich color. The left is without the blending solution, the right is with the blending solution. I really like both looks 🙂

tree tag 1

Now it’s time to color the snowman tag! Take out your snowman tag as well as your Chameleon Markers GR3, R4, RD4, BL3, CG8, and your Colorless Blender pen.

We will start with the snowman and we will be coloring the inside of him. Sometimes you will find you will need to color him in again to enhance his look (we do end up doing this for this project) but this is not always the case. Once again, you will pick the nib of your choice on your CG8 marker, take off that cap, place the blending solution cartridge on that nib ensuring it clicks and holding it upright for the desired amount of time needed for your preferred color.  Once you have done this, you will color inside of the snowman’s body and head just to show dimension.  Set this marker aside.

color snowman

To add a little bit of shadowing, you can color an area below the snowman to give this appearance.


Take out your BL3 Chameleon Marker out.  Once again, you will pick the nib of your choice, take off that cap, place the blending solution cartridge on that nib ensuring it clicks and holding it upright for the desired amount of time needed for your preferred color.  Once you have done this, you will color in a circular motion on the tag eventually coloring in the entire area surrounding the snowman sometimes repeating your coloring over areas where you have already colored in. This gives the cloudy look as shown below.

CLose up snowman tag

Take out your Colorless Blending Marker/Pen. You will use whichever side you prefer and make a design on your tag creation. I used the brush nib and made a pattern that appeared as if there was snow falling on the tag. This is right after I had done this.

blending solution on gray 2

This is after 20 seconds. As you can see, the dots are more pronounced on the tag.

after a few seconds

Now I am going to take my CG8 and color it in a little bit more to go with the background color to add a little dimension. Now I am going to take my OR4 Chameleon Marker and without using any blending solution, I am going to use the brush nib side and create a small carrot nose. I do have various sized carrots in my stamp set however I thought it would show you how you can also use the markers to create the same look.

carrot nose

Now I take my RD4 Marker and color in the scarf except for the knot.

color scarf red

I take out my BL3 marker and color the knot of the scarf. I used two different colors because I thought it would add a little difference as well as a cute color combo.

color scarf knot blue

Here is the finished colored tag.

close up snowman tag 2

Take out your stapler, twine and ribbon. Using the twine or ribbon, fold it in half and place it on the top part of the tag. Staple your twine or ribbon to the tag.

fold and attach twine

fold ribbon and staple

Your projects are complete!

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