Coloring Do’s, Don’ts, Results & Lessons Learned

Coloring Do’s, Don’ts, Results & Lessons Learned is what we have for you today. I love to color and shade. I thought it would be a good idea to show you what I would do to utilize two different colors and join them together for a creation. Coloring Do’s, Don’ts, Results & Lessons Learned – This post is a perfect example of me being human.

Personally, I don’t like edited videos because to me it makes me feel stupid when I make mistakes all of the time and everyone else has these BEAUTIFUL PERFECT videos and I am JUST ME. I am a one shot video kind of girl unless I REALLY mess up and I will just do the whole thing over again. Honestly, I think that has happened 5 times in the past 3 years and had to be redone due to language.. OOPS!

I have been told that people like my videos because I am real and show how to correct the problems I have made. I am actually good with just me so let’s see how this turned out, shall we? Can you hear my eye roll? LOL Trust me, it’s well deserved.

Supplies Needed for the Coloring Do’s, Don’ts, Results & Lessons Learned Tutorial

Chameleon Alcohol Pens

A Creative Journey with Melissa Everyday Alphabet Outline Upper Case and Symbols Large Stamp Set or your favorite A Creative Journey with Melissa stamp set



Stamp Block


Take out your A Creative Journey with Melissa Everyday Alphabet Outline Upper Case and Symbols Large Stamp Set

Stamp your letters on your paper. Take out your chameleon pens.

Using a flicking motion, color the top part of your p with the Y03 chameleon pen.

Using your PK3 chameleon pen and click color the pink. This really didn’t come out the way I had hoped. I have my ideas as to why below.

This is how it looked once it was all colored. Honestly, after cutting out the letters and cleaning them up a bit, they wouldn’t be TOO bad… but… I didn’t care for it.

For the next part of Coloring Do’s, Don’ts, Results & Lessons Learned, take out your CG8 Chameleon Pen. I colored the inside the letter I with a flicking motion.

Take out your PK3 Chameleon Pen and also did the flicking color on the opposite side from the gray. I really like the way the pink and gray blended. The middle one is my favorite!

Here, I want to show you that you can do a variance in color with just hand drawn letters too! I started with the CG8 for the top part of the letter S on the right. Using my PK3 Chameleon pen I made the bottom part of the S and blended it with the gray.

I really like how it came out! What do you think? I realize it was done quickly but the possibilities are ENDLESS, right?

I guess the word spring isn’t AS BAD as I thought… sorta… LOL!  I do like how the middle letter I looks with the gray and pink. Typically, coloring looks better once it has dried.

Coloring Do’s, Don’ts, Results & Lessons Learned? Make sure your pen ISN’T OVER FILLED WITH INK, the ink has time to dry because it looks better once it has AND most of all… use lighter colors to start with. I am not saying it wouldn’t look great with darker colors but I think I need more practice. The pink and yellow didn’t turn out as bad as it looked at first but I will have to try that one again and show you an update. I am on a mission!

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How to correct your Chameleon Pen coloring MISTAKE plus giveaway

How to correct your Chameleon Pen coloring MISTAKE is what we have for you today.

How many times have you been coloring and went out of the lines? Frustrating right?

Chameleon Complete Alcohol Marker Set W Easel

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I don’t remember exactly who actually showed me how to color for the first time but I have a very fond memory to share. My paternal Grandmother and I used to color. I remember her showing me how to outline the item I am coloring and then fill it in with color. I remember this and still do it! Well, sometimes I get a little to excited about coloring and go outside of the lines…. YES, I KNOW! Usually it is on something that I have been coloring on for a while and I am at the last finishing touches and the mistake happens!how-to-correct-your-chameleon-pen-coloring-mistake-plus-giveaway-a

Now, for the creative stuff….let’s get started. I am so excited about showing you this. It is SO SIMPLE and super helpful!


I am going to be coloring the Awareness Ribbon with the Chameleon Pen PK3. You will want to take out your pen and take teh bullet nib cap off and set it aside. Place the blending solution chamber on top of the nib ensuring the nibs are touching. Wait 10-15 seconds.


I took off the blending solution chamber and begin coloring your image with the lightest (light source) place first.


OH NO! I made a mistake… lol


Take out your colorless blender pen. I use the bullet nib unless there are really small areas in which I would then use the brush nib.


Using the colorless blender pen, “push” the ink that you want to remove toward the colored area. For deeper pigmented colors, you may have to repeat or it is possible you will not be able to get all of the color off depending on the color saturation.


Here are the beginning results using the colorless blender.


Here you can see where the color has dissipated.


In this picture, I have colored the ribbon slightly outside of the stamped image at the top as shown above.


Using the colorless blender, I am slowly using the bullet nub and pushing it toward the line.


This is the result! Looks great!

We hope you enjoyed learning How to correct your Chameleon Pen coloring MISTAKE! This will work with ANY ALCOHOL MARKER MISTAKE I just used the Chameleon Pens as an example. It will also be difficult to completely get rid of the pigment if it is a very dark color as stated above.

Thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa