Chameleon Pen Colored Wedding Card

Chameleon Pen Colored Wedding Card is what we have for you today! I love creating cards and love even more to give them! I love having a lovely card to give but sometimes time isn’t in the cards so to speak … Yes pun intended.. LOL This is why I like to create CAS – Clean and Simple cards. You can get the look of an elegant handmade card that only takes minutes! Ready to get CREATIVE? Let’s do this!

Supplies for Chameleon Pen Colored Wedding Card Project

A Creative Journey with Melissa Wedding and Celebrations Stamp Set

Acrylic Stamp Blocks

Gelly Roll Star Dust Glitter Pen

Chameleon Pen NU1

Corner Rounder

Black Ink

Card Base


Paper to stamp sentiment on


Scissors (optional)

Twine (optional)

Take out your paper to be stamped on. Using the corner rounder, round the corners of only two sides.  I chose the opposite sides as shown.

Take out your A Creative Journey with Melissa Wedding and Celebrations Stamp Set. Place the glass along with two of the bubbles.

Ink your stamps for the Chameleon Pen Colored Wedding Card.

Stamp your images on your paper as shown above.


Place your sentiment on your stamping block. Ink your sentiment and stamp your sentiment on your paper.

This is what it will looked like once stamped.

Take out your NU1 Chameleon Pen to get ready to color your Chameleon Pen Colored Wedding Card.

Remove off your pen cap from the bullet nib side. Take off the cap from the blending solution chamber. Place your blending solution top on to the pen so the nibs are touching as shown above.

Wait approximately 5-10 seconds with the pen upright. This will allow the blending solution to combine with the pigment side.

For your Chameleon Pen Colored Wedding Card, color the area where you want it lightest first. I chose the top part of the liquid. Be sure to fill in the color completely. Using a flicking motion upward from the bottom of the liquid, I colored to show the bottom was a little bit darker in color.

This is what it looks like once I finished coloring the liquid.

Take out your Star Dust Gelly Roll Pen. Here I have colored in one of the bubbles to show you the difference between the coloring and not. I prefer it with the glitter, what do you think?

I colored both bubbles in with the glitter pen. Now, take out your adhesive and place adhesive and apply adhesive to the card mat. Do this in case your gelly roll glitter is still wet. Place your stamped and colored image paper onto the mat. Be sure it has adhered.

Apply adhesive to the card base and adhere the mat. This is what it looks like once this is done. If you notice, I changed the design a little bit from my first example. I moved the mat and image to the right bottom corner.

I also got an idea to add a little silver and white twine to the side of the card. Thought I would dress it up a little. I wrapped the twine around the card three times and tied a bow.

Trim off the excess twine.

Here are your finished cards! Both CAS but one with a little extra sparkle!

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Quick and Easy Handmade Holiday Thank You Notes in 15 minutes

Quick and Easy Handmade Holiday Thank You Notes in 15 minutes is what we are doing today! I love to create quick and easy projects. What better way to show someone you care than to create a thank you note! My kids have been fortunate enough to already have received some holiday gifts so I thought what better way to show our appreciate than a handmade thank you note! Some of these items you may already have in your stash which is great because if you are anything like me, you have overspent on your holiday budget! So, let’s get started!

Supplies you will need:

You’re Snow Wonderful Stamp Set


Stamp Block

Foam Squares



Memento Ink

Card Base

Decorative Paper

Paper to stamp sentiment onsupplies

Take your paper to stamp your sentiment on, ink. block and You’re Snow Wonderful stamp set. Place your stamp on your block, ink your sentiment and stamp on your paper. Repeat as needed for the number of projects you are creating.stamp sentiment

Take out your decorative paper, adhesive and card bases.

cards w deco paper

Apply adhesive to the back of the decorative paper.

apply adhesive

 Apply decorative paper to card bases.

adhere paper to card base

Take the paper with the stamped sentiments on it and cut into strips.

cut sentiment

Cut a triangle out of one side of the strip.

cut triangle out of sentiment

Take your twine and wrap it around the end without the cut out. Tie it in a knot and trim excess.

wrap twine around sentiment

Apply foam squares to the back of the sentiment.

apply foam squares

Adhere your sentiments to the card base.

adhere sentiment to card base

Your projects are complete! Quick and Easy Handmade Holiday Thank You Notes in 15 minutes!

Thank you cards

Thank you for joining us today for Quick and Easy Handmade Holiday Thank You Notes in 15 minutes and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa!


Chameleon Markers – Coloring Gift Tags

Today we are featuring Chameleon Markers – Coloring Gift Tags. I love to color various things and have since I was little everything from using crayons, markers, colored pencils and of course paint. I really think it is therapeutic and I love to get my creative on. Today I am showing you a more in-depth look at coloring with Chameleon Markers and how they work. I do have two cute little tag projects and have instructions below. This time however, instead of showing you the project step by step, I concentrated on the details of using the Chameleon Markers and how you can get a wide array of colors with just the 20 colors they have. First the project directions. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Project Supplies Needed:

Chameleon Marker Set

All colors I used for all projects: GR3, OR4, RD4, BL3, BR5, CG8, Colorless Blender

You’re Snow Wonderful Stamp Set by A Creative Journey with Melissa

Memento tuxedo black ink

Tim Holtz Stapler


Tag Punch



Stamp Block


Take out your ribbon or twine. Cut the appropriate length for your creation. Set aside.

Take your ink, stamp block and paper.

Stamp the image and sentiment you wish for your creation using Memento Ink.

Take out your tag punch. Punch out your stamped creation.

Take out your Chameleon Markers.

Choose whichever tip you prefer to work with. Remember-depending on how light or dark you want your colors to be will decide how long you keep the blending solution cartridge on the nip of the ink. The longer you leave it on, the lighter the color will be to start with. A good method that I prefer to use is to count how many seconds you leave the cartridge on and then that way you will have a more uniform look if you need to have the same color further along in your project. You can use the colors and amount of blending solution you think best suit your creation and not what I did. This would be a design choice. Ultimately, you would color your image and background as desired using the following guidelines and techniques.

This is the brush nib side

brush tip

This is the bullet tip nib side

bullet tip*NOTE* A great guide to use to see which side is which nib is the gray ring as shown is where the brush nib is located. gray ringTake off the cap of the marker color that you have selected on the appropriate nib side. Put the cap aside. Place the blending solution chamber on the appropriate nib. Be sure it clicks in place.adding blending solutionKeep marker upright for the blending solution to join the alcohol ink. Count out the amount of time you do this for.
keep upright for blending solution

This is what the nib looked like. Often you will be able to see the color difference in the nib as it will show it very light on the tip of the nib itself. I have noticed however that on the darker colored markers, it is not as obvious. You will see an example of this further in the tutorial.tip w blending solution

Starting with the right Christmas tree, I started coloring where I wanted to have your lightest colored area on my project. Remember your blending solution will be used up and the true color will come as you use it up so it will get darker as you color.

coloring tree 3

As you are coloring, move your marker to where you wish to have your darkest color. This is the result.

colored tag varigation tree

If you need to repeat the colored area in a section which is larger and would need more of the lighter, medium and dark colors, repeat the above steps. This is where it helps to count how long you have placed your blending solution cartridge on your nib to continue to get the uniformed look.

Now, moving onto the trunk of the tree. You will repeat the steps above. In the below picture you can see where I over saturated when coloring. This was because I added too much blending solution at first so much of the color was transparent. This caused me to color over areas I had already colored causing this effect. Next time I will keep the blending solution on less in order to avoid this mistake.

close up tree w trunk

This is how dark the brown marker is normally without the solution.

brown difference color

Here’s a little closer up 🙂

brown-difference-color closeup

Now I am going to show you how coloring with the markers without any blending solution looks. It’s a very clean rich color. The left is without the blending solution, the right is with the blending solution. I really like both looks 🙂

tree tag 1

Now it’s time to color the snowman tag! Take out your snowman tag as well as your Chameleon Markers GR3, R4, RD4, BL3, CG8, and your Colorless Blender pen.

We will start with the snowman and we will be coloring the inside of him. Sometimes you will find you will need to color him in again to enhance his look (we do end up doing this for this project) but this is not always the case. Once again, you will pick the nib of your choice on your CG8 marker, take off that cap, place the blending solution cartridge on that nib ensuring it clicks and holding it upright for the desired amount of time needed for your preferred color.  Once you have done this, you will color inside of the snowman’s body and head just to show dimension.  Set this marker aside.

color snowman

To add a little bit of shadowing, you can color an area below the snowman to give this appearance.


Take out your BL3 Chameleon Marker out.  Once again, you will pick the nib of your choice, take off that cap, place the blending solution cartridge on that nib ensuring it clicks and holding it upright for the desired amount of time needed for your preferred color.  Once you have done this, you will color in a circular motion on the tag eventually coloring in the entire area surrounding the snowman sometimes repeating your coloring over areas where you have already colored in. This gives the cloudy look as shown below.

CLose up snowman tag

Take out your Colorless Blending Marker/Pen. You will use whichever side you prefer and make a design on your tag creation. I used the brush nib and made a pattern that appeared as if there was snow falling on the tag. This is right after I had done this.

blending solution on gray 2

This is after 20 seconds. As you can see, the dots are more pronounced on the tag.

after a few seconds

Now I am going to take my CG8 and color it in a little bit more to go with the background color to add a little dimension. Now I am going to take my OR4 Chameleon Marker and without using any blending solution, I am going to use the brush nib side and create a small carrot nose. I do have various sized carrots in my stamp set however I thought it would show you how you can also use the markers to create the same look.

carrot nose

Now I take my RD4 Marker and color in the scarf except for the knot.

color scarf red

I take out my BL3 marker and color the knot of the scarf. I used two different colors because I thought it would add a little difference as well as a cute color combo.

color scarf knot blue

Here is the finished colored tag.

close up snowman tag 2

Take out your stapler, twine and ribbon. Using the twine or ribbon, fold it in half and place it on the top part of the tag. Staple your twine or ribbon to the tag.

fold and attach twine

fold ribbon and staple

Your projects are complete!

Screenshot 2015-08-17 17.12.12We hope you will subscribe to our blog, YouTube channel as well as our other social media platforms for tutorials, stories, inspiration and so much more! Thank you for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


Quick Card Using Washi Tape and Jeans! YES REALLY!

Quick Card Using Washi Tape and Jeans? YES REALLY! Today we are going to be creating a quick card using some washi tape and a piece of jean material. I always love to add a little texture or a different element with my creations. Keeps me on my toes and adds some character to my creations. Above you will see the video with instructions. If you prefer to learn by a pictorial, continue reading and we have you covered too! Let’s get started!

Supplies 4-20-15

Here is a list of supplies you will need:




Card Base

Paper for stamping sentiment

3-D squares

Washi Tape


Stamp Block

Jean Material

Rhinestone tool


To get started, you will want to take out your card base and your washi tape. Create a pattern on your card base. I used three strips in varying length. Trim the excess washi tape.

Take out your piece of paper for your sentiment, ink, stamping block and sentiment. Stamp on paper.

Punch out your sentiment with desired shape punch.

Get jean material out and trim a piece that will fit nicely on the punched out sentiment.

Adhere jean material to punched out sentiment with a stapler.

This is the result

Adhere rhinestones to the tag

This is the result

Screenshot 2015-04-20 13.32.30

Take out 3-D foam squares, adhere to the back of the punched out sentiment.

Place sentiment onto the card base. You are DONE!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy card creation today! What other materials will you try on your future creations? We would love to hear about them!

Thanks for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


SAVE MONEY on embellishments! Coloring with Chameleon Pens Tutorial

Do you want to SAVE MONEY on embellishments! Coloring with Chameleon Pens Tutorial Good Afternoon! Thank you for joining us for Mondays with Melissa. Today I am going to be showing you how to SAVE MONEY on embellishments by coloring them with Chameleon Pens. There are so many different things you can do and it is really amazing how great the rhinestones look once you have colored them. It is one of the EASIEST techniques with the fastest gratification! LOVE IT! I have also created a card using the Speech Bubbles Mini Set using the Chameleon Pens. It really came out cute! If you like to learn by video, check out the video above, if you prefer a pictorial, check out the pics below and let me know what you think! Thanks for joining us and let’s get started!

First I want to show you a card I created using the Chameleon Pens. The Chameleon pens / markers are alcohol based markers. They have numerous uses two of which I am going to share with you today.

Here is the list of supplies you would need to recreate this card:

Speech Bubbles Mini Stamp Set

Chameleon Markers Complete Set

Memento Ink

Stamp Block


Foam Squares


Card base

Paper to stamp sentiment & image on

Pick your speech bubble from the Speech Bubble Mini Stamp Set, adhere to the stamp block,

ink the stamp and stamp your image on your paper.

Adhere Sentiment to the stamp block, ink and stamp sentiment inside the speech bubble. Repeat stamping on paper per your personal design choice until satisfied with the number of designs to be placed for your card.

Take out your Chameleon markers. You can use either the brush tip or the bullet tip (like a felt tip) to color your images. Below is showing the brush tip which is what I will be using to color the image.

This is the tip for the mixing chamber (blending solution.) I have used it with red before as you can see there is a tint of red/pink on it. This will not change the nib or effect of the blending solution mixture and it’s effectiveness at all.

Once you have taken off the cap off your marker tip preference, place your tip so that the mixing chamber is touching your colored tip. Make sure that your colored tip (nib) pointed toward the sky and the mixing chamber tip (nib) is pointed toward the floor. The pen will be upright and the below picture is what your marker / pen will look like when it is in front of you.

This is an above view of what your marker should look like when you have the mixing chamber-straight up and down.

Keep your pen upright so the blending solution can transfer to the colored nib. The amount of time you would like to keep it like this varies depending on how light you want the color to be to start with. The darker the color marker, the longer it will take to saturate the color with solution to make it almost opaque. I have kept it on for as short as 3 seconds for a very light difference to 10-15 seconds for a drastic color change. For the below creation, I kept it on for at least 12 seconds. As you can see, it is almost translucent as I begin to color.

As I continue to color, you can see where the blending solution is being used with the color. The blending solution is used and the color then starts to come through more as the blending solution is no longer saturating the nib.

Here is a close up of the variance of color from the bottom where I started to the top where the color was most saturated

and no longer had blending solution and the pigment is coming through.

This is the mixing chamber with a nib that hasn’t been used yet. As you can see, there isn’t any pigment/color on it at all. This will change with use as shown with the red mixing chamber in a previous picture and will not effect the mixing chamber and effectiveness.

This is what the mixing chamber looks like with both nibs (tips) touching to transfer the blending solution to the colored marker. This picture is just for visual purposes. When using the chamber the marker should be upright for it to be effective.

After using the mixing chamber for approximately 6-8 seconds, I started coloring below.

Screenshot 2015-04-13 17.32.49

Once you have colored your speech bubbles after stamping the image and sentiment, cut out the speech bubbles. Adhere them with either adhesive or a foam square for dimension to your card. Set aside. Take out your rhinestones and Chameleon pens.

Pick a marker color that you want to color your rhinestones. Color the top of the rhinestone to your liking.

*NOTE* Unless you want a translucent color on your rhinestone, do not use the blending solution

or else the color may not be strong enough for it to be obvious.

This is the rhinestone fully colored with the marker.

Here I have colored more of them in for demonstration purposes. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Here is a close up shot of the colored rhinestones. LOOKS AWESOME DOESN’T IT?!

I use my QuickStick from Quickutz to take them off of the sheet of rhinestones and place them on my card. Many other companies have a tool similar to this and they work well also.

This is a close up of what the rhinestones and colored speech bubbles I created in the video for example purposes.

This is the finished card I created for an example of this technique.

Speech Bubbles Card

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial and sign up for our blog post updates as well as our mailing list for promotions, coupons and updates! Thanks so much for joining us and we hope you had a great time going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


Use Your Paper Scraps, Favorite Embossing Folder & Make Quick and Easy Cards

Here is a great tutorial on how to use up your scraps as well as give a little texture to your creation! Use Your Paper Scraps, Favorite Embossing Folder & Make Quick and Easy Cards is a quick video to give those visual learners (I am one too) a short and sweet tutorial that can help you use up your stash. I learned this technique from one of my best friends Sharon. She is amazingly creative and always inspires me! She taught this in a class a number of years ago but I have always loved the result and wanted to share it with you. The video has more detail or you are welcome to check out the instructions below. You are also getting a sneak peek at ONE of the FOUR stamp sets that we will be releasing on Wednesday-Spring and Summer Holiday Celebrations Stamp Set.


Coordinating color/designed craps

Your favorite punches

Card Bases



Foam squares

Manual die cut machine and appropriate platforms

Embossing folder

Spring and Summer Holiday Celebrations Stamp Set (Coming out this WEDNESDAY!)



Pick out the card base you would like to use for this creation.

Decide what color mat you would like for your design on your card base.

Cut out a size that will look good on the card base you have chosen. I used an A2 card base and cut my paper mat at 3.5 x 4″ Some were varied a little due to the size of the scrap.

Punch out your favorite shapes.

Arrange and adhere your punched shapes on your selected color base piece of paper.

Place your colored mat piece of paper with the adhered shapes inside your embossing folder. DO NOT EMBOSS THE CARD BASE.

Emboss it with your manual die cut machine.

Take out your creation and adhere it to the card base.

Stamp your sentiment on a piece of scrap paper that will coordinate nicely with your creation.

Cut or punch out your sentiment using a complimentary cut or shape to the creation. I used a dog tag punch and cut out a rectangle with my trimmer for mine.

Use your 3-D foam squares to adhere the sentiment to your card.

Your creation is complete! Now you have created some Quick and Easy Cards using your scraps!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial featured on Mondays with Melissa. Please be sure to check back for our new releases on Wednesday and for more projects!