SUPER EASY Card combining stamps with Punch Art Fun

SUPER EASY CARD combining stamps with Punch Art Fun is what we have for you today. Would you like to make a SUPER EASY CARD? Do you have a HEART PUNCH OR DIE? Then YOU ARE IN LUCK! Maybe even FOUR LEAF CLOVER LUCK? Yes, we are going to create a really cute and simple St. Patrick’s Day card. Are you ready for some creativity? Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed for the SUPER EASY CARD

A Creative Journey with Melissa’s Spring and Summer Holiday Celebrations Stamp Set

Stamp Block

Card Base

Patterned Mat for card

Paper to stamp sentiment on


Foam Squares


Paper to punch out hearts

Heart Punch

Ticket punch




This is the SUPER EASY CARD creation we are going to make today.

This is the perfect card to bring to a corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Wouldn’t this be perfect to bring along with a nice bottle of wine? YES!!

First, you will want to take out your heart punch as well as your paper.

Using your punch with the shape side facing you, punch out your shapes from your paper.

Cut out a stem for your four leafed clover from your paper.

Take out your A Creative Journey with Melissa’s Spring and Summer Holiday Celebrations Stamp Set, ink, Stamp Block and paper to stamp your sentiment on.

Peel off your Happy St. Patrick’s Day sentiment off of your stamp set sheet and place it on your stamp block.

Ink your Happy St. Patrick’s Day sentiment.

Stamp your sentiment on your paper in the left upper corner. This will allow you plenty of space for your four leafed clover.

Take out your adhesive and four leafed clover pieces. Place adhesive on the stem of your four leafed clover.

Put adhesive on the hearts for your four leafed clover.

Place the pieces of your four leafed clover on your sentiment paper.

This is what the four leafed clover looks like close up once the pieces have been put together.

Take out your rhinestone and place one in the middle of your four leafed clover.

Take out the ticket punch and punch the left side of your paper.

Using your ticket punch, punch your base card on the left side of the card.

Be sure to punch both the front of the card as well as the back of the card. When it is closed together it will be punched through on the right side of the card.

Place foam squares on the back of the mat for the card base and remove the protective paper.

Adhere your decorative paper on your card base for your SUPER EASY CARD.

Place your foam squares on your sentiment paper and remove the protective paper backing.

Put your sentiment paper with your four leafed clover on your card base of your SUPER EASY CARD.

Take out your white twine and wrap your twine around your SUPER EASY CARD. I wrapped it around the card three times.

Tie a bow with your twine and cut any excess twine off.

Here are the completed creations of your SUPER EASY CARD!

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We hope you enjoyed our SUPER EASY Card combining stamps with Punch Art Fun tutorial.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.