EASY Cookie Exchange Recipe

Today, I have an EASY Cookie Exchange Recipe for Toffee Bars. I really love this recipe and it was given to me by my Step Mother, Ann. I remember when I was little she would make them and they were AWESOME so I thought I would pay it forward.

This recipe is delicious, easy to make and is an EASY Cookie Exchange Recipe that you can pass on!

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This recipe card is what I made years ago for a cookie exchange. Have you ever participated in one? They are really fun. Basically you make a dozen cookies or treats multiplied by the number of people coming to the exchange. Typically, the host or hostess will provide containers for you to take your sweet treats home in. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I should have one for the holidays…. Hmm… another thing for my to do list… LOL

Toffee Bar Shopping List

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1/2 Pound of Butter/Margarine (I used butter)

1 Egg

2 Cups of Flour

1/2 tsp of Salt

1 tsp Vanilla

1 Bag of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

(Add a little more for a thicker layer of chocolate)

1 Cup of finely chopped walnuts

(Optional but definitely better with for the actual taste of toffee)


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Cream the brown sugar and butter together.

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Add the Egg, Flour, Salt and Vanilla to creamed mixture. Blend completely.

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Spread dough completely and evenly onto a cookie sheet. (It will be approximately 1/4″ and 1/3″ in thickness.)

Bake 20 minutes at 300 degrees.

Take out of the oven and turn off the oven.

Sprinkle chocolate chips on the top of the bars and place back in the oven for approximately 3-5 minutes or until melted enough to spread.

Spread chocolate across the top of the Toffee Bars.

Sprinkle Walnuts across the top of the chocolate.

Cut into squares on cookie sheet while warm.

It is best to remove the bars when cooled so they don’t fall apart and are more solid for packaging. ENJOY!

Gold Medal Worthy Recipe

If you would like a downloadable PDF copy of this recipe, please go HERE.

We hope you enjoyed our recipe and hope you will let us know what you think when you try it!

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