Melissa Mueller

Hi! I am Melissa Mueller and I am a blessed work at home Mom with a love for anything CREATIVE and a passion to support various causes. I have been creative since I was a little girl while playing with paper, scissors and paste. Do you remember paste? I miss paste… Or was it the taste of it? LOL!

I enjoyed creating so much I even made my dog Mickey a Christmas costume because I was home sick with bronchitis and bored. I believe I was around 11 years old in this picture shown.

Boys in the desert

With the support of my sons and husband – who are the namesake of my business – I decided to take my creativity to the next level. Their first names are Austin, Christian and Jon, and with that A Creative Journey with Melissa was born in February 2011.. While always having the passion to be CREATIVE, I also have a passion for those that may need a little extra support. My Uncle Herb was diagnosed with cancer and he had received a paper certificate after he finished his radiation treatment. I thought this was such a lovely idea during such a difficult time. This sparked the idea to create my stamp line, and in particular my Awareness Ribbon stamps.

Creating my own stamps had been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I thought to myself, “If not now, when?” Not only would my stamps have versatility which is helpful with the fluctuating economy, I would also bring to the mainstream Awareness Ribbon stamps for various causes that I was passionate about. This would include Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, and Cancer Awareness in addition to other causes, as well as Sign Language. Sign Language was fluently spoken in my home as my paternal Grandparents and Brother are deaf. It is such a beautiful language that I felt compelled to make stamp sets with the Sign Language Alphabet. Not only to decorate but to educate. As I said before versatility is a must so many of the Awareness Ribbon stamp sets can be used for various causes. Our stamps were designed to complement each other to enable endless creative possibilities. We hope to inspire your CREATIVE side and invite YOU to go on A Creative Journey with Melissa.