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Welcome to the 2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop! If you happened to come by here by chance, WE ARE SO LUCKY and thrilled that you did!! We are taking part in the AWESOME 2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop! The hashtag is #fall2016clh and we are showcasing our love for Fall & COFFEE!! Fall is my FAVORITE TIME of the year.

It’s when you bring out your colder weather clothes and get to snuggle up on a cold crisp day… Well, that is unless you are in California like I am… Then you have to wait for what they call “Winter” here. I am from Chicago so winter isn’t quite the same here as it is in the Midwest. Whether it is hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or even a blended drink; you are going to really enjoy the 2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop!

There are SO many AMAZING talented participants…. Sounds too good to be true, right? IT ISN’T! It is REALLY HAPPENING! We are really honored and excited to be one of the SUPER SPONSORS & FLASH PRIZE SPONSOR for this amazing blog hop! We also have our own giveaways right here on our blog! Be sure to read the WHOLE POST!

To start at the beginning of the 2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop please click HERE.

The 2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop runs Friday, September 23 starting at 6:00 AM Pacific Time thru Friday, September 30. This allows you PLENTY of time to participate by hopping, creating or BOTH!

Winners for the entire hop will be announced on Sunday, October 2, 2016 HERE.

If you aren’t familiar with the Coffee Loving Papercrafters Group and would like to learn more, be sure to join their Facebook Group HERE to ensure you get the latest info on all of their blog hops! The group is SUPER fun with awesome creativity and inspiration throughout the year and of course.. GREAT SEASONAL HOPS with WONDERFUL COFFEE inspiration! We would hate for you to miss out om the inspiration and possibilities!!

Now, onto the projects we have for you today! The theme is Fall annnnnd …… COFFEE! First up is the AMAZINGLY talented Alena on our Creative Crew. She has created a coffee themed pocket letter using the Coffee, Tea and Wine – OH MY! stamp set. I LOVE how she used the phrases in the stamp set as an embellishment to her pocket page.2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop a Wait….You haven’t heard about a pocket letter? Let’s fill you in!

Pocket letters are a new and creative way of being a Pen Pal. Rather than a traditional letter in an envelope, you use 8.5″ x 11″ page protectors with nine equally sized pockets as shown.  There are a number of ways you can create a pocket letter. You would include some of your Pen Pal’s favorite items as well a handmade note and some creative sweetness.

It’s like getting a little present with every pocket letter!

Some are really elaborate, others not as much but the great thing is and you can decide however you want to create it because it is YOUR DESIGN! I hope Alena has inspired you to be CREATIVE and try it out yourself! I know she has inspired me!

Now, we are moving on to our awesomely talented Creative Crew Member Brandie and her beautiful coffee card. Don’t you love the color scheme, design and finishing touches?2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop b I love how CREATIVE she was by using the Coffee is my Liquid Therapy stamp set. That along with the coffee themed embossing folder on her gray paper is amazing. Brnadie sanded the gray paper allowing the white core of the gray paper to show through! WOW!

2016 Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop cShe used her Chameleon Pens (alcohol markers) to color in the coffee cup. Love it!

Here we have the first creation created with Coffee is my Liquid Therapy.


I used Simple Stories paper along with my Chameleon Pens (alcohol markers)

to color the image. I added a little raffia and a button and here we have it!!

My second card was made using the Coffee, Tea and Wine – OH MY! stamp set.


For this creation I used Simple Stories paper along with my Chameleon Pens (alcohol markers) and

to color my image,  I used raffia making a bow for an embellishment.

I am doing two giveaways on my blog! I will be picking two winners as I am giving away the two stamp sets I used for my creations above; Coffee is my Liquid Therapy and the Coffee, Tea and Wine – OH MY! stamp sets.

All you need to do is answer our question – When do you start creating your holiday cards? With your answer, comment below and I will pick three winners!

Our winners will be announced on our blog on Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Be sure to ANSWER THE QUESTION to qualify to enter.

This is open to everyone, not only the US! We are honored you have come to visit today. Don’t forget to use the

coupon code fclh2016 to save 25% on non sale items!

We hope you will subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Blog/Newsletter updates and check out our website! Happy Hopping and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


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  1. Sue D
    Sue D says:

    Wow –lots of great coffee themed designs.
    I always want to start my holiday cards early or even right after Thanksgiving but with all the activities and craft shows I do I end up doing them at the last minute–yikes!

  2. Maye M.L.
    Maye M.L. says:

    Very happy to become acquainted with your stamp company through this blog hop. Very nice and unique selection of products. I looooove coffee, the pinky does not raise until after the first cup, and your stamps/projects are a fantastic tribute. The simple answer to the holiday season card making in my case is, I do not start early enough, unfortunately. Having several themes to celebrate it is a challenge to mass produce a single card style. We will see what happens this year. Cheers!

  3. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    Amazing creations! I make Christmas cards all year round. It’s the only way to create (almost) enough cards to send out cards to friends and family back in the Netherlands (I live in Greece). That way, I don’t have to mass-produce 80 or so cards in November, but only 10-20.(if I’m lucky). I think I had better start making multiples of 4 from now on, or I will be stressing out in November after all.
    Thanks for the chance to win some fun stamps.

  4. jan metcalf
    jan metcalf says:

    I usually create a few holiday cards for a sale in November, then my own cards are done at the last minute in December, sometimes I even send them after Christmas! Thanks for being a coffee hop sponsor!

  5. Cheri Burry
    Cheri Burry says:

    I did one pocket letter swap and it was so fun! I start my Christmas cards after our Canadian Thanksgiving but still find I scramble in December to get them all done and mailed off!

  6. Linda F
    Linda F says:

    Fantastic creations. Love that pocket letter – procaffeinate -love it. When do I start making holiday cards – usually far to late and am rushing to finish cards especially those that need to get OS.

  7. karenladd
    karenladd says:

    Those are some seriously amazing projects from the DT, wow! The pocket letters always intrigue me but haven’t made one yet. A coffee theme would be really fun though. As for holiday cards, I’m a last minute crafter, sad to say. I have no idea why I can’t get going on them until the deadline is staring me in the face, but that’s what happens. The good thing is that I often end up making some of my cards so late that I don’t send them out until the following year. So maybe that just means I’m ahead, and not behind, haha!

  8. Pamela Parks
    Pamela Parks says:

    I love coffee and fall! Thanksgiving, my husband’s birthday, and our wedding anniversary all in one week in November. I always have good intentions to start early, but the truth is I’m always starting a month before Christmas and I pull a lot of late nighters and stress myself out! Every year I say I won’t do that again…but I do it every year! Ugh.

  9. stampnk
    stampnk says:

    I am really enjoying your coffee projects and these stamps look like fun! I start making my holiday cards in november, even though I always plan to start earlier. I love making my cards but it’s hard to get in the mood when it’s 90 degrees outside!

  10. Judy B
    Judy B says:

    Very sweet cards Amy. I usually start my Holiday cards around the time that school starts. I must admit I’m a big procrastinator on getting projects done. I only send my handmade cards to people I know will appreciate them, so that does cut down on the amount I need to do. Thanks for the cute ideas.

  11. Lucy E.
    Lucy E. says:

    What a fun pocket letter and sweet coffee cards!
    I usually only make a few holiday cards and don’t start until November/early December. I know I should start sooner, but work and family take priority.

  12. Seleise
    Seleise says:

    Great cards! I’m going to have a try a pocket letter one of these days and the others are great too! As for holiday cards, I always have great intentions of starting early and it’s usually not until after Christmas and then the year gets away from me and then I plan to send them the next year because they’re made, but want to use new stamps and so…. well…. I have about 3 years of Christmas cards made that I lose and then find and plan to send this year and well, we’ll see. 🙂 thanks for being a sponsor of this awesome hop!

  13. Vinita Jain
    Vinita Jain says:

    Wow! I love to see the Pocket letters and they are in my fave color too! Love the cool and inspiring creation by DT’s with full of textures, cool PP and that cute raffia!
    Thanks for being a super sponsor! I love to make Holiday cards in November and December !

  14. Babe O'Mara
    Babe O'Mara says:

    I love the card with the hearts coming out of the cup like steam. So cute and the colors are so nice and bright. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the colors, and the scents of the season like cinnamon and apples. I start my Christmas cards around the 1st of September. I do both Halloween and Christmas at the same time. Thanks for this blog and for a chance to win.

  15. Echo Noble
    Echo Noble says:

    That’s a whole latte beautiful coffee card! I stated my holiday cards already in July and usually have them finished in August but I am behind this year! I need to get them finished up..lol.

  16. Tee Hall
    Tee Hall says:

    The stamp sets used for the pocket letter and other projects are gorgeous!
    I always plan on making my holiday cards early in Oct. but other things always seem to come up and I know I will probably be last minute in making them again this year.

  17. shartl
    shartl says:

    Coffee and Fall are the perfect combo and I love your Coffee themed pocket letter so much! As for my holiday card making, I try to start making a few in September but usually end up cramming in mid-December…oh my!

  18. Beverly Jordan
    Beverly Jordan says:

    Terrific coffee inspired creations! Love everyone’s creativity on this one and images! And I start creating my holiday cards as soon as the holidays are over!!! I do a bunch like 25 at a time until I get 100+ done!! That”s the only way I can get it all done!

  19. Nana Rogers
    Nana Rogers says:

    Love all the inspiration here! I Love coffee! I don’t celebrate the holidays, but make cards year round for friends and family for all occasions and just because. I LOVE the coffee blog hops I learn so many different techniques and so many great crafter’s to follow. Thanks for supporting the CLBH.
    XO Nana

  20. Linda Tupper
    Linda Tupper says:

    I just love the idea of the pocket letters. So cute. Love your sweet card with the hearts coming from the cup. Adding the raffia sure makes it look fall. I usually start my Christmas cards the 1st of Nov, and sometimes earlier.

  21. KT Fit Kitty
    KT Fit Kitty says:

    Awesome projects! I especially love the pocket letter! I enjoy making them myself and I’m hoping to have one finished by the end of the hop! I enjoy making those little ATCs! Thank you so much for sponsoring my favourite blog hop! I would be thrilled to win your prize! And thank you for your giveaway! I maybe a bit different but I make my Christmas cards all year long, so I start in January! I only give out handmade cards so I need to start early to make sure I have enough – and then there’s no panic in November/December! I aim for two per month, sometimes I make more, like when I see all of the Christmas in July inspiration. I think I’ve only made one this month though. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. D.Ann C
    D.Ann C says:

    What fun and lovely cards! I still haven’t tried a pocket letter, but absolutely love this one! Love the cuppa love, too!
    I don’t do holiday cards – 90% of my cards are Thank You & friendship cards.
    Thanks for sponsoring the hop and for the great discount code!!

  23. Christi Steinbeck
    Christi Steinbeck says:

    Beautiful projects! Wonderful inspiration! To start my holiday cards , I try to make 2-3 a week starting in August and by the end of November if I don’t have all I need, IT IS CRUNCH TIME! lol Most of the time I end up making more than my 2-3 a week so I am good but this way I don’t feel sooooo overwhelmed at the end of the year with all the festivities going on.

  24. Angie Cimbalo
    Angie Cimbalo says:

    Such great projects! Love them! I start making my holiday cards in September! Thanks for a chance to win your fun give away!

  25. Beverly Perdue
    Beverly Perdue says:

    I am actually starting to make my holiday cards and projects now. I am participating in a craft show in a few weeks. Yikes!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful cards. I just love the pocket letter! The raffia on your cards is a nice touch for Fall and I love the patterned papers. Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas.

  26. Preeti D.
    Preeti D. says:

    Loved the creations. So many ideas for a newbie 🙂 I usually make holiday and festive cards in the beginning of October because in India where I stay, festivals like Diwali (the festival of lights) start in October itself and the merriment continues till christmas and new years in December.

  27. MaryAnn Samuelson
    MaryAnn Samuelson says:

    What a way to kick off the hop!! Fab projects and my fav was the card with the hearts coming out of the coffee cup as I feel that way every morning with my first cup, like hot liquid love just for me, LOL Now for your question on Holiday cards, I would love to say I am super organized and create months in advance but truth be known I create in a mad panic rush usually a week before I need/want to send them out. Thank you for being a sponsor, Sincerely your new follower MaryAnn

  28. Arianna Barbara
    Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow!!! I haven’t realized well what a pocket letter was!!! It’s so cool!!!
    I love so much all these projects! Really adorable!!!
    Thank you so much for being a Super Sponsor!
    No, I have not started yet! I usually start the beginning of November.

  29. Annie
    Annie says:

    I try to start my holiday cards in September…but procrastination usually gets me and I end up finishing them on Thanksgiving break! lol! I do like to mail them December 1st though, so not too last minute. Adorable cards and love the pocket letter! 🙂

  30. Lisa Bzibziak
    Lisa Bzibziak says:

    Such beautiful creations… love pocket letters… I’ve created one but haven’t sent it yet… I still have to fill it up. I haven’t started my holiday cards yet… soon… maybe after the Fall Hop. I guess I’ve really already started. I did create three cards back in July, but I don’t know if it really counts…lol… Thanks so much for being a Super Sponsor!


    I avoid Black Friday and start preparing for Christmas that weekend. That means decorating and a taking photos for Christmas cards. I usually do photo cards and just decorate the envelopes with all my Christmas stamps. Everyone is used to handmade cards for special occasions, but I can’t seem to get enough made for Christmas time. Loved discovering your blog. Thanks so much for being a sponsor of the hop!

  32. Carmen Olson
    Carmen Olson says:

    Great cards! And I love pocket letters so much that I started a swap group on Facebook. I try to start around October for my
    Holiday cards. This year I got a head start by taking a Christmas card class at Bellacon16.

  33. Kerry Urbatch
    Kerry Urbatch says:

    Yummy collection of projects! I love BOTH stamp sets and really love the Liquid Therapy set. It’s so versatile with all the tiny words and elements. Although I have good intentions on starting my Christmas cards at the beginning of the year, I get off track and distracted and seem to always end up in a crunch and finishing them off the second week of December. I always make cards specific to the recipient so each and every card is unique.

  34. Andrea Shell
    Andrea Shell says:

    Never heard of Pocket Letters before, but these are super cool! I don’t have a set time for when I start my holiday cards – sometimes before Thanksgiving, but sometimes early December. Thanks for sponsoring!

  35. Teresa Godines
    Teresa Godines says:

    Awesome cards. I love all of the little hearts coming out of your tea cup. I usually start creating holiday cards sometime late October. After I finish the Halloween cards of course. Thanks for being a sponsor.

  36. Patty Eifert
    Patty Eifert says:

    Great projects! ! I actually don’t drink coffee, but I do drink wine and hot chocolate, and love fall!! Anyway. ..I don’t have a certain time that I start, but I suggest immediately! ! I did make one already, but I’m still trying to make some fall cards first!

  37. Ann
    Ann says:

    Such a lovely array of inspirational creations. Thank you for being a super sponsor. (Please don’t respond to this comment if it will go to my email inbox.)

  38. Dee Earnshaw
    Dee Earnshaw says:

    Love the inspiration from the DT – some great ideas I will definitely case . LOL
    I have not started on my Christmas cards and normally have a mad panic the last week of November when I spend my waking hours crafting!!!!

  39. Nazeema
    Nazeema says:

    OMG… Love these examples!! Those pocket letters are beautiful… I have never tried to do them before, but this really makes me want to try! Love the second card by Brandie… the embossing and ricrac ribbon, and color really tie this card together beautifully. Melissa, love both your cards as well… They really have that Fall feel to them… especially with the colors and raffia tied in! Well done and thank you for being a contributor to the blog hop!

  40. Marsha D
    Marsha D says:

    Holiday cards? Actually I send out only a handful of Christmas cards but can’t get motivated until sometime in November. I do love making Thanksgiving cards – will probably start those next week.
    I was just wondering the other day about the coffee lovers blog hop. It is raining today so perfect for hopping. Thanks for the ideas.

  41. Michele K. Henderson
    Michele K. Henderson says:

    Thanks for being a super sponsor! I LOVE pocket letters too – -I’m a big fan! I usually work on Christmas and holiday cards throughout the year, mostly in the summer when a lot of blogs take a little break. But by October, I’ve really got to get moving to get them all finished in between my busy design team schedules!
    Take Care!

  42. Nikki C
    Nikki C says:

    Thanks for being a Super sponsor and beautiful DT creations, they are fab. I start making Christmas cards all year but I really start to focus on them more in July when I realize I need to create a lot more. Thanks for the chance hugs Nikki

  43. Tami
    Tami says:

    I am new to your stamps and your group. We’ve just hired a deaf person and I love that I found stamps for deaf people! I’m trying to learn to sign so this is fabulous! I am going to start following this group and loved the projects shared, I don’t have what it takes to do a pocket note, but I do love to make special cards for those who are important to me. I’ve just completed the first of my holiday cards as I belong to a group that sends cards for cheer. I made 66 cards for a VA Hospital and hope to start working on my own holiday cards this weekend. I have limited time to craft to I love following groups that inspire me. Thanks for the inspiration and the fabulous sign stamps! I’m off to order!

  44. AJ Bodine
    AJ Bodine says:

    Awesome projects, thank you for sponsoring the hop! I don’t start my holiday cards until November, so I usually find that I don’t have enough come December! Maybe I should start earlier, lol!

  45. Diana Moore
    Diana Moore says:

    Love the images in your pocket letter. Thanks for being a super sponsor. I start thinking about Christmas cards around now, but don’t usually start until the local store has a card making class, then I go to town!

  46. Carla vdM
    Carla vdM says:

    Ooohh….what a lot of wonderfull Coffee cards to see here today at the 1st CoffeeLovers Fall blog hop today.
    The pocket-letter is just WOW!!!

    I always start to late with my XMas-card, I need an idea first and try some out and at the end of November the virus mostly start…hahaha.

    Thank you for being a sponsor on this hop.

  47. Becca Yahrling
    Becca Yahrling says:

    Thanks for being a super sponsor! All the projects are gorgeous. I wanted to do a pocket letter, but have yet to do so. Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. ~amy~
    ~amy~ says:

    What an awesome way to start the Fall Hop! Such amazing projects and wonderful inspiration! Thank you sooooooo much for being a Super Sponsor! We absolutely appreciate you!!


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