SO EASY! You bought clear stamps – NOW WHAT?

Welcome to Monday’s with Melissa! Rubber stamps have been around for a very long time. I love rubber stamps for their clean crisp stamped images and their durability. There have been numerous improvements made to photo polymer stamps. Now, clear stamps are EQUALLY as good for the stamped image quality and durability but yet even better for their utilization abilities. Clear stamps allow you to place your image ANYWHERE you want them to be AND you will actually SEE where you are placing them. Rubber stamps are great except when you want to watch where your image will  be going. Guesstimating is not the best when you are doing a project that you would like to turn out the way you have planned. Clear stamps solve that problem. You can place your image wherever you would like and you will be able to see exactly where you are placing it. Clear stamps are not only stored much easier and with much less space, they really are awesome for placement. Sometimes, you will find you may have made a mistake by pushing too far on one side versus the other causing one side of the stamped image not to have been stamped properly. I have definitely had this happen to me. The awesome thing about having clear stamps is you could re-ink your image, line your image up again and re-stamp over it.. Like magic, your problem is solved! A Creative Journey with Melissa stamps are amazing. Often people feel they have to “prepare” or “condition” their clear stamps. With A Creative Journey with Melissa stamps, it’s not necessary. I open my package, ink my stamp completely and STAMP AWAY! If you find that ink has stained your stamp, don’t worry. The staining will NOT effect the quality or the appearance of your image.

Here is a quick and easy video showing you how to use your clear stamps and clean them. EASY PEASY! You will be so glad you watched it! Thanks for joining us for Mondays with Melissa!