#BellaCraftsQuarterly – A FREE #CREATIVE MAGAZINE – Yes it’s TRUE!

20150111_141013-706x1024I know, I know… You think I am embellishing… Just because I am a crafter and often embellish on my projects DOESN’T mean I embellish on my stories. Actually, quite the opposite. Bella Crafts Quarterly is an AWESOME publication that you can sign up for and it’s FREE! YES FREE!!  There are a number of amazing people behind this magazine mainly three and I was lucky enough to get a picture of two of them! Her20150111_140954_HDRa-1024x1024e is Lisa Rojas and Ann Butler. I should have gotten a picture of Theresa Cifali however she was teaching a class at the #CHAShow! This magazine has a ton of tips, tricks and just everything you would want to know about being creative. It’s FREE.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! SIGN UP ALREADY!