Deceased Father leaving two kids behind-Can YOU #help by just sending a card?

Yes, unfortunately, you read this right. Deceased Father leaving two kids behind-Can YOU #help by just sending a card? I really need your ***HELP*** THIS IS A REPOST FROM FACEBOOK- I AM HOPING TO GET THE WORD OUT. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE. I HAVE RECEIVED A FEW CARDS BUT HOPING TO GET MORE. They do NOT need to be hand made. Can you help by sending a card? Anything would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!*****PLEASE #HELP***** Losing someone is HARD at ANY AGE to say the least but to deal with the #death of your father when you are not even a teenager is even more heartbreaking. This is where I need your help. I am collecting cards to be sent to my friend Pinky’s Paparazzi AKA Cristal. Her friend lost her husband. She has two kids- boy 12 years old and a girl 11 years old. Shannon (the Mom) has asked if anyone would be willing to send a card to cheer them up, show encouragement, light hearted, etc preferably not religious. This was copied from her original post:Posted by Pinky-Would anyone like to help me by giving to a card drive for a boy and girl who lost their father last week? Just sending love and jokes and happiness their way? Not religious please just keep it full of joy and light kids cards. Message me for an address I’ll get the cards to the kids- COME ON CRAFT COMMUNITY. 11/12 is a hard age to lose daddy. The children’s names are Reese and Reilly.
If you are interested, please send all cards by February 28th to
Melissa Mueller
28201 Franklin Parkway Suite #457
Santa Clarita, California 91310
I would REALLY appreciate it!! Any cards would be great. They don’t have to be fancy or detailed- we just need to send cards to support this family. It truly is heart breaking. One boy and one girl. Generic sentiments such as thinking of you, hope this brightens your day, etc. I am taking all items and shipping them in what I receive them in so that Cristal receives them in their original form. Thank you in advance for your effort!