I hope all of you have enjoyed the New Year so far! I can’t believe how time FLIES!!!  In a few weeks I will be going to CHA and I can’t wait to see what exciting new things will be out there! I will be sure to take pictures and keep you posted on all of the cool stuff!! In the meantime,  I am very fortunate to be busy working on a custom scrapbook and a custom card order. In addition, I am redoing my creative room! I will be sure to show you pictures once it is done! I have found a number of really great sites to help me with the process and I thought you may want to see what I have found. One of my favorites is Nicole Heady. Great information and really well organized and her room is STUNNING! The Queen of organization and the stunning project and work that My Love Affair with the Label Maker has done… It is really AMAZING! She goes thru step by step a project each week for you to conquer so that you can get yourself organized without being overwhelmed! REALLY AMAZING! Even if you are organized you HAVE to check it out… There has to be something that you will learn from it! Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Doris P.
    Doris P. says:

    love your blog. nre follower and signed up for e-mails. THANKS for leaving awesome comments on my show me your craft room blog hop and becoming a follower. you wanted info on the cricut cheat sheets. e-mail me with cricut cheat sheets in info line so I don’t spam ya. lol I will give you where they are posted and will also send you some via e-mail.. Di you sign up for my e-mails?? I will be sending info out on that next week too. Doris parkernana5@cox.net

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