Cute & Quick Stamped Background Design Mother’s Day Card

HAPPY MONDAY! Today we are going to be creating a cute and quick stamped background design for a Mother’s Day card. I love bright colors and thought this card would be perfect for a cheery Mother’s Day card. We used the Outside and In stamp set as well as the Spring and Summer Holiday Celebrations stamp set. Both of these can be located on our website here or by clicking on the stamp set names above. Whether you like to learn by video or a pictorial, we have you covered! Let’s get started!

Here are the supplies you will need.

Supplies tagged

To begin, take out your black ink, sentiment paper, sentiment and stamp block. Place sentiment on your stamp block and ink.

stamp sentiment

Take stamped sentiment and punch out tag with tag punch. Set aside.

punch out tag

Take out background paper, three colors of ink, background stamps for design and stamp block. Stamp different shapes on the piece of paper with different colors. It is best to work in odd numbers as it makes a more even feel to the project and design.

stamp background images with diff colors

Adhere stamped background paper to the card base. I have used the paper this way and the card opens up not like a book. This is my design choice but you can do it any way you wish.

Adhere stamped background

Take out 1/8″  punch and punch a “HALF” of a hole on the top of the card at fold as shown. This punch will go through both halves of the folded card.

Punch hole in top of card

Punch out a half of a hole on the bottom of the card base. You will only be punching through the FRONT CARD BASE SIDE ONLY-NOT BOTH LIKE THE TOP HOLE- Be sure to line up the top hole with the bottom hole.

Punch Hole in bottom of card

Thread twine up through the top hole in the middle of the card, bring down the front of the card, wrap through the bottom hole and up through the hole in the middle of the card. Repeat three times.

Thread twine thru top hole

Arrange strings so they are lined up or however you wish your design to be. Tie a bow at the top of the card like shown here. Set aside.

Tie bow with twine

Take out the tag, rhinestones and QuickStik tool. Place rhinestones on Mother’s Day tag as shown here.

Apply Rhinestones

Adhere foam squares to the back of the tag, remove backing from square and place tag on the card as shown.

Place sentiment on card

Here is your creation!

Happy Mother's Day Card

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