#GIVEAWAY of #AWARENESSRIBBONSET2 in honor of #UncleHerb aka #UH

Sadly, one of the most amazing men (my Uncle Herb aka UH) passed away on Thursday after a year long battle with cancer. He inspired me in so many ways.One way was believe in myself and know that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to. I created the AWARENESS RIBBON SET 2 in his honor as you can read on the description on my website (click on picture of stamp set below). To honor him, I would like to Giveaway one set of the Awareness Ribbon Set 2 to one lucky blog subscriber 🙂 Please be a follower, leave a comment on my blog answering this question: If you could have one wish, what would it be and why? If you would like an additional chance, be a fan of my business page and be sure to leave a comment on my page that you are either a new fan or have been a fan. My answer to the question: more time with loved ones to make more memories….

 Thank you for all of your prayers, kind words and thoughts. They are greatly appreciated.

I hope you have a wonderfully CREATIVE day!


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  1. lemondedis
    lemondedis says:

    je ne sais pas si on peut participer depuis la France (je suis aussi fan sur FB), mais peu importe… si je pouvais faire un vœu, ce serait que l’on trouve enfin un vrai remède à la douleur (physique – pour les douleurs morales, il faudrait que nous devenions insensibles et, ça, ce serait terrible !) : handicapée depuis un grave accident, je connais bien la douleur, et j’ai rencontré tant de gens (dans les hôpitaux, les centres de rééducation, les centres anti-douleur…) qui doivent la supporter au quotidien… ce serait un immense progrès pour la médecine ! (je vous ferai aussi une place dans mes prières : j’ai perdu, il y a quelques semaines, celui que j’appelais mon “papa de cœur” (même si nous n’avions aucun lien de sang, il a été mon seul vrai “parent” !) et je sais à quel point cela est difficile…)

  2. Maria Garzon
    Maria Garzon says:

    So sorry for your loss…..I would wish to spend uninterrupted time for as long as possible in which we can laugh, smile, enjoy the days and night and hug, cry or just hold each other if only for a few days.

  3. DJ
    DJ says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful stamp set. I am already a follower on Facebook. Take care. Hugs

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