How to Refill your ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun

How to Refill your ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun is what we have today. It’s a tutorial and not a project today. I realize for many of you this tutorial may be remedial, unnecessary or even silly to do. I remember when I first got mine and I got frustrated.. really frustrated.  I can’t think of only me as an old school crafter.. we have newbies that we want to welcome and show them some awesome products. I have been asked enough times to think it is necessary so here we are! If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you get an ATG Advanced Tape Glider. I do NOT work for this brand, I just LOVE this product and it is part of my tool box.

Here is a Refill and an ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun.

You can purchase one at a big box craft store but remember THEY HAVE COUPONS EVERY WEEK! FOR BOTH REFILLS AND FOR THE ATG! Bring a child or a friend and get both at the same time… I know… but it works and then you can use your money for the other stuff at the local Mom and Pop shops, right?!

Before I show you How to Refill your ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun, I want to show you two tips that help me so maybe they will help you too.  As you can see above, I put on some velcro on the side of my ATG gun.  I put this there so I can easily place my Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun in my bag or in a place that I typically use it. Be sure you use STRONG velcro or it will fall as it is a bit heavier than you may think.

Another tip is to put some ribbon through the cover. I use this more than the velcro. It works great for hanging it from a cabinet knob, my drawers, my arm LOL basically wherever I can find a place. It works!

Now, for let’s show you How to Refill your ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun! Here are the refills. You get two of the rolls on your left in the package it comes in. Remember, USE A COUPON!

To open your ATG Gun, push on this area and push up.

Sometimes you actually have to use your thumb because it can be a bit hard to open.

This is what the ATG gun looks like on the inside with out your adhesive.

In order to Refill your ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun, remove the guide cover from the right side of your ATG. Simply turn it to the left or toward you and lift up and the guide cover will come up.

Take out your refill. Carefully pull back the tab from the refill roll.

As you can see, there is a protective covering so the adhesive doesn’t get wasted for the first part to do the refill.

First you want to make sure that you have the sticky side out. You want the sticky part facing down.

Place the refill inside the ATG on the left side.

Here is a close up showing the refill in place and the clip properly placed so it doesn’t fall out.

To Refill your ATG Advanced Tape Glider Glue Gun, you want to pace the refill above the first roller as shown.

You will then place the adhesive underneath the second roller as shown.

Follow the adhesive up back toward the roll it came from as shown.

This is how it will lay but you still have more on the right that will go to the other side as shown in my right hand.

Place the end of the tape through both little slits in the right pulley for the ATG as shown.

My little trick,  I take a little bit of adhesive from the ATG.

I place the adhesive on the actual pulley keeping the end of the refill in place.

Here is a close up of where I placed the adhesive.

Place the end down on top of the adhesive ensuring its place.

Push the button to release some of the adhesive. Make sure it is enough to go around the left pulley ensuring its place.

Place your guide cover in place and turn right to secure it in it’s place.

Here is a close up of it in it’s place.

YOU DID IT! See you got this! NO PROBLEM!

Now I want to show you how to use it! I did this visual this way so you can see it better. I used the clear acrylic block to give some backing to the paper which allows the ATG to work better as if it was on a table. To begin using this adhesive, place your adhesive where you would like to place it, hold the button to release the adhesive.

Pull the ATG toward the end of where you want your adhesive. Once you are done, release the button and lift up. Your adhesive will pull away cleanly leaving you exactly where you need to be for the next time you use it!

This is what it looks like once you have used it! It is super strong, sticky and cost effective. A TRIPLE ADVANTAGE!

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