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HI! Thank you for visiting!! I am SO VERY EXCITED to share the AMAZING STAMPS WE ARE RELEASING!!!!  I REALLY love both sets. I loved working with them! Hopefully you will like the projects I have created AND will be inspired to get yourself a set or two (or three) and share your amazing creations with US 🙂
Here the FIRST of the two sets- Sign Language Alphabet – American Sign Language stamp set. 

The sign language alphabet (also known as finger spelling way back in my day) is very near and dear to my heart. Deafness runs in my family. Both of my Grandparents were deaf due to illness. (German Measles & Spinal Meningitis) However, my Grandfather’s sister was born deaf but unfortunately passed away at the age of 12. My brother is also deaf. He was born deaf and I have known sign language for as long as I can remember. At my wedding, my brother was one of the groomsmen and we had a sign language interpreter for the wedding. I always knew it was a beautiful language but to have it at our wedding was really stunning. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received with regard to the beauty of it. This stamp set is VERY versitile. You can use it the same way you would use any alphabet set. Because the letter the sign represents is below, even someone that isn’t familiar with sign language at all would be able to read it. They might even pick up how to sign a letter or two! Here is a creation I made with this set. There are more projects and ideas on our website and Facebook page.
The second set we are releasing is Naughty or Nice.
Now for the GIVEAWAYS!!! I will be doing three giveaways! Our amazingly gracious donations have been donated by Megan Elizabeth aka Above Rubies Studio, May Arts Ribbon and Glue Dots so look for the GIVEAWAY information on my BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE. Be sure to check out our website for our stamps!!! 

I hope you have a wonderfully CREATIVE day!
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  1. marylouh
    marylouh says:

    I’m posting everywhere as I’m not sure which is the right place.

    The Sign Language Alphabet was made in honor of your brother and grandparents.

    My granddaughter is partially deaf. She became an audiologist so she could help kids deal with their hearing problems.

  2. Vicki Hodge
    Vicki Hodge says:

    I love the finger spelling stamp! When I lived in New Jersey as a kid my best friend and I learnt it so we could talk at school! What a blast from the past! Thanks!

  3. Maria Green
    Maria Green says:

    I love sign language! I took it in college, and I always think about taking another class. I’d love to be fluent. Your crafts are wonderful too 🙂 Craft on!

  4. wow101
    wow101 says:

    WOW! I can feel the excitement in your post! They are amazing stamps! Thanks for sharing your story. The Giveaways are great! Wishing you much success.

  5. Molly Freibott
    Molly Freibott says:

    I am SO excited about this!!! Most of my online friends aren’t aware that I am hearing impaired. Surprise:)! I am slowly learning sign as my hearing declines and am a great lip reader but I often use the Alphabet with my family for words I miss. I am Definitely ordering these and my deepest thanks to whoever designed them!! So FUN!

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