Father’s Day Card – Think Outside of the Box – Fun w Shapes

Father’s Day is coming and we as creatives we HAVE to make a Father’s Day card, right? Many of us have a bunch of supplies. Did you ever try to think outside of the box with your supplies? Thinking maybe you could use one supply to create something that you may not normally? Use a holiday paper for something different? Today I am going to show you my inspiration and how I simply used my corner rounder to achieve the same look as the inspiration die set. I also used Christmas paper that I LOVE for an awesome masculine Father’s Day card. Whether you like to learn by video (above) or pictorial (below) you are covered!!! Let’s get started!

Here are the items you will need to create this Father’s Day Card. Remember, you can mix and match options and design ideas to your liking. This is YOUR creation so make it the way YOU want to! We used our Spring and Summer Holiday Celebrations Stamp Set for the outside sentiment. Would you believe this awesomely versatile stamp set is only $7.95? Yes, it’s TRUE!


First you need to take out your card base, sentiment mat, corner rounder and sentiment paper. Corner round the top left and bottom right of all of your papers EXCEPT for your sentiment – if you make a mistake like I did in the video, you can’t turn it over to use it; background, sentiment mat and card base. If you can’t punch your card base due to thickness, try to so that you at least have a guide with the impression left from your corner rounder so you can cut around it with your scissors.

Corner Rounder


Apply adhesive to the back of the background paper. Adhere the card background paper to the card base.

Apply Adhesive

Ink and stamp your sentiment onto your sentiment paper. Corner Round your paper once happy with your stamping. (You can do it before but when I made a mistake, I couldn’t turn it over and had to use a new piece of paper.)

Stamp Sentiment

Apply adhesive to the back of the sentiment paper. Adhere the sentiment to the sentiment mat paper.

Adhere sentiment mat to sentiment

Take out white string. Wrap string around matted sentiment (I wrapped it five times for my design.) Tie a knot and trim excess string.

Apply string and trim

Adjust string to your liking.

Adjust string

Adhere foam squares to the back of the matted sentiment.

Apply foam squares

Apply matted sentiment onto your card.

apply matted sentiment

You have completed your Father’s Day card!

Father's Day Card Pic

Thank you so much for joining us today! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment! We would love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.