Creating 3D Embellishments using Mod Melts

Creating 3D Embellishments using Mod Melts is what we have for you today. I was so excited to show you my new tool from my Michaels Thanksgiving Day sale, I had to show you how the Mod Melter worked! Easy to use, very user friendly and the possibilities are ENDLESS!


What you will need for Creating 3D Embellishments using Mod Melts:

Mod Melter or a hot glue gun (and a plug that reaches where you are using it)

Sticks for the Mod Melter

Molds for use with the Mod Melter products

Protected surface


This is the Mod Melter info if you are interested in getting one of your own.

I purchased mine at Michael’s but numerous craft and big box stores sell it you can check to see if there is a store near you or you can also order online. Cathie & Steve’s created these awesome products and their store also has some of the Mod Melter products here. To check out their website and amazing creativity, be sure you check it out here!


Here is a Mod Melts Stick. There are numerous colors available with endless possibilities!!

I typically purchase clear or while and will color my own with my Chameleon Pens. In a few weeks on a future tutorial,  I will be showing you how I do that. When doing my video, I had said I was going to show you next week but I forgot about something so I will have to postpone my video… Do you like COFFEE?? It’s that time again!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!


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OK, now back to the Mod Melts and Melter!

This is the Mod Melter.  The Mod Melts Stick fits in just like a glue stick would in a glue gun. Super easy, super fast and super comfortable! I love the way it fits in my hand, is so much more comfortable for those that may have arthritis or carpel tunnel. It really is amazing to work with and my hand didn’t get tired at all!


Here are some of the 3D Embellishments using Mod Melts!

I love how they came out and in a future video, I will show you how to color your Mod Melts 3D embellishments with Chameleon Pens!

Here are some of the amazing Mod Molds you can get and new ones are coming out all of the time! Be sure to hover over the above photo and click on the arrows to see the different Mod Molds!


After having your Mod Melter heat up for 5-10 minutes, you will want to place the tip of the Mod Melter in the middle of the Mod Melter Mold you have chosen. You will then press on the top trigger as shown.


While you are filling your mold, be sure to pop any bubbles that happen to appear so they do  not effect your image once it is dry.


You will also need to make sure that you fill in the edges properly. It is better to fill a little to much than to fill too little and ruin your image completely.

Please note: If you are filling up a shallow mold versus a wide and deep mold, drying times will vary. I will typically wait 3-5 minutes and gently touch the mold in which I want to take out. If my finger leaves a mark in any way, it is not ready.


Here we are going to start creating the reindeer mold.


If for some reason your mod melter isn’t working, double check to see if the stick is entirely inside it’s chamber and pushed in correctly. This caused me some issues when I made my video above.


Be sure you continue to pop any bubbles that may appear when creating your mold image.

I use the tip of the mod melter so I do it as soon as it is happening to avoid any issues later with my image.


This is what both of the molds look like once filled. Any excess I have once the mold image is dry will be cut off. It is preferable that you do not over fill. This will give you a cleaner sharper image without the need for trimming.


Here I am taking out the star mold.

I do this by holding one side of the mold and bending it allowing the mold image to lift up with ease.

creating-3d-embellishments-using-mod-melts-x Once lifted, this enables me to take the image out. The molds are made of silicone so they are a non stick surface.


This star had a little bit of excess so I am taking the scissors and trimming it off.


This also needed a little bit of trimming but look at the amazing detail in the flower mold! AWESOME, RIGHT?


I wanted to show you a sneak peek of coloring Mod Melts with Chameleon Pens. This is  BEFORE coloring the flower with Chameleon Pens:


This is AFTER I colored the flower with my Chameleon Pens! I love how it looks and what a great addition to any creation! Aren’t you excited!!!!  I am excited to share it with you!!! Now for the winners from last week!


The winner of last weeks blog giveaway is Shartl!

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This week for our Giveaway, we are giving away our Spinner Greetings stamp set. 

This stamp set is very versatile with different sentiments as well as images you can color. I thought this set would work perfectly if you were to purchase some mod melts items to create with using the sentiments! You can even use the images for a background design on your planner, journal, card or scrapbook page!

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Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial of the Mod Melts and Melter today! I hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa!