RETRO Design Creations Spirograph Embellishments

RETRO Design Creations Spirograph Embellishments is what we have for you today. I love creating with things outside of the box. If you saw last weeks video project, I showed you how to create some cards you can have on hand in case you need a card in a hurry. Now, I am going to show you how you could create some sentiment embellishments or just embellishments with an old creative toy I used to play with! How perfect would this be to create as a craft for spring break with your kids or grand children? Not only being crafty but sharing something you did when you were a kid!

I saw this Spirograph set at a garage sale this weekend. Although there are a few parts missing, would you believe it only cost me 50 cents! It inspired me for this creative post today, RETRO Design Creations Spirograph Embellishments and hopefully it will inspire you!

For this project, I used the Spica red lipstick pen, the spirograph set, paper and a hole punch. I really like the Spica pens because they have a beautiful glitter effect with the rich color and it was perfect for this project!

This is what I created for the RETRO Design Creations Spirograph Embellishments example.  I really love how the design looks and how simple it was to do!

This is what you will start with for the spirograph set. A small circle for inside and a larger one for the outside as an outside guide for your creation.

On the right is the spica pen I used. The left is the tip of a thin sharpie pen. When using pens with your spirograph for the RETRO Design Creations Spirograph Embellishments, be sure that you use one that has a thicker tip or else it will come out of the cirlce and not make a good creation. Trust me, this is from experience LOL

To begin, place your inner circle against the outer circle. Place your pen in one of the holes of the inner circle.

Here is a close up of the inner circle. It didn’t seem to matter where I was starting with my pen because it will all end up in the same place. I started the closest to the edge of the circle.

Start with your pen upright and allow the inner circle to flow in circles within the outer circle. It will make a repeated pattern a little off center from the last time you went around.

You could realistically use this the way it is as an embellishment for your RETRO Design Creations Spirograph Embellishments.

This is about two complete rounds before the completed circle. It still looks great and could use this as well!

Here is the completed pattern. I really like how it looks.

Now it is time to take out your punch. Punch a hole around your creation as shown.

This is what it looks like once it has been punched out. You did it!

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