Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens – Different Handwriting Nibs

Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens – Different Handwriting Nibs is what we have for you today. It is so important in this day and age with technology for you to also hand write notes, especially in cursive. What a great way for you to share your writing for generations by using your handwriting!

Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens the differences in look and type of ink is what we want to go over. With the Crayoligraphy kit, it gives you a bunch of different templates that you can practice with. I suggest you laminate them so you can use them over and over again.

This is one of the nibs that you have on your pens with your kit. It is a bit thicker nib that gives you a few different looks.

Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens – Different Handwriting Nibs, using this pen at a 45 degree angle gives you a thinner look.

If you use this pen at a 90 degree angle, you will get a bit thicker look as you can see above.

Practice is so very important, especially if you are like me and don’t necessarily like your own handwriting. Sometimes you can even add some dots, decor or even fill in your letters like I am above.

With Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens, we have here the brush nib on the crayoligraphy pen. It has a pretty long brush which allows for a number of different looks.

Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens  are similar in that both the Crayola and the Chameleon pens also have a brush nib as well as a bullet nib.

Crayoligraphy and Chameleon Pens are different. This Crayola pen is one of the thinner bullet nibs with the Crayoligraphy pens. I love how smoothly they write.

I am using the chameleon pen now for the next example.   The difference with the Chameleon pen you can add blending solution to the alcohol based pen and give a variation of color for each pigment. The Crayola is not an alcohol ink. The nibs touch and then you get more blending solution transfer to lighten the pigment of the ink.

When you leave your Chameleon pen with the nibs touching for some time (usually 5-15 seconds) it will cause the nib to show a much lighter color as shown here.

Notice the gradation of color from where the blending solution was most saturating to when it had more pigment showing through.

I have to say I really like how the love word looks so far using the Crayola pen the best. SEE! Practice makes BETTER!!

Here are my examples of what practice does. I think the bottom left which is the last one I did is cleaner, smoother and I like it the best. Maybe I was just lucky! LOL

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