Holiday Stocking Card Using Sign Language Stamps

Holiday Stocking Card Using Sign Language Stamps is what we have for you today. I am always looking for multiple uses for the dies that I have. We invest a lot of money in our crafting tools and I like to think of multiple ways to use them. That is what we are going to do today! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Here is the creation we are going to make! It is perfect for gift cards for the holidays!

Supplies Needed for the Holiday Stocking Card Using Sign Language Stamps Project

A Creative Journey with Melissa Sign Language Alphabet stamp set

Acrylic Block


Black Ink

Paper for Card

Paper for embellishments for stocking

Stocking Die

Glue dot for gift card

Trim for stocking


Here is a close up of the stocking die I used.

Take out your stocking die, paper, platforms and manual die cut machine. Place your paper on top of the die where you need the white pieces cut. Place your die on top of the clear platform and then place the clear platform on top of the die so it is sandwiched between the two clear platforms.

Here are the pieces that the die cut out for me for the Holiday Stocking Card Using Sign Language Stamps Project.

Take your colored 6″ x 12″ piece of paper out.

Fold your colored paper in half.

Be sure the fold line is BELOW the top of the stocking. This is how you will make it a card!

Using the same sandwich as you did for the embellishment pieces for the stocking, run your die with the folded part BELOW the line where the die will cut. Run your die cut through your machine.

You did it! This is how you create the stocking card for your Holiday Stocking Card Using Sign Language Stamps Project!

This is a close up of the die. I placed my fold approximately 1/4 inch below the cut line for the stocking. Above is the picture is an exaggeration of how much space it was. I just wanted to be sure you were clear which line you were to be sure you placed the fold under for your creation.

Take out your ink and the top of your stocking. Peel off the appropriate letters from your A Creative Journey with Melissa sign language stamp set.

Place the first letter on the block.

Ink your stamp

Stamp your letter on the top of the stocking. Repeat to spell out the word you wish to have.

Take out your trim. Place adhesive on the bottom edge of the stocking top. Adhere the trim to the stocking top. Trim off any excess.

Here on the left I put the letters rounded so they followed the trim. On the right I did them straight. Which do you like better?

Place adhesive on the back of the stocking heel and toe pieces. Adhere them to the front of your stocking card.

Take out your stocking top with the trim.

Adhere the stocking top to the front of the stocking card.

You did it! You completed your Holiday Stocking Card Using Sign Language Stamps Project!

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