Refilling Your Chameleon Pens

Refilling Your Chameleon Pens – Did you know that Chameleon Pens are a FOREVER PEN? You can replace the nibs and refill not only the ink chamber but the blending solution cartridge too! Check out how easy it is and you will see that using these affordable alcohol markers are not only awesome but easy to maintain too!

Supplies you will need:

Chameleon Pen

Paper Towel

Cleanable Work Surface (preferably covered as the ink can stain)


Chameleon Refill Ink Kit

Isopropyl Alcohol or Blending Solution (In the video I used Copic blending solution since I had it on hand)

supplies needed

The Chameleon Pen is refillable and you can also replace the nibs. A great and affordable FOREVER pen.

chameleon pen

First you will take the cap off of the bullet nib on your Chameleon Pen

bullet nib

Take your tweezers and gently pull the nib out of the pen. Place it aside.

replace nib into the pen

Get your Chameleon Pen Ink Refill Kit, open it and take out its contents.

refill kit

You will take out the syringe, ink applicator and ink. Take the cap off of the ink bottle and set aside.

take out the ink and uncap

Take the applicator and remove it’s protective cover. (protective cover is in my left hand)

uncap ink refill applicator

Place the applicator on the syringe.

Note: On the syringe below, the bottom of the plunger is at the 1 ml mark. This is where you will be filling it up to when you are taking the ink from the ink bottle.

you will only fill ink to ml mark

By pulling the syringe up, you will be pulling ink into the syringe. You want this to be filled up only to the 1 ml mark. This will help ensure you don’t overfill the pen.

place ink applicator in ink bottle

Get your Chameleon Pen and place the syringe applicator into the bullet nib opening until you feel a slight spongy resistance. This is where you will be placing your refill ink. Push the top of the applicator all of the way down so that all of the ink goes into the pen. Set the syringe aside.

place applicator inside pen

Get your tweezers and pick up the bullet nib. Place the nib back into the pen by pushing it gently. Be sure to do this gently and do not squeeze the nib, gently hold it with the tweezers. Also grab the nib under the bullet nib. Do not grab the top of the nib.

pull out nib

To ensure the nib is in properly, place the blending solution cartridge as if you were going to use it. If it looks squished up and not just touching the blending solution nib, you need to push the coloring bullet nib in further. Take off the blending solution cartridge. Put the cap back on the bullet nib side of the pen and set aside.

ensure nibs fit together properly

Now it’s CLEAN UP TIME! You can use regular Isopropyl Alcohol‎ that you have on hand to clean up after you refill your pen. I didn’t have any so I used my copic blending solution which worked well too. First, rinse off the outside of the applicator.

clean outside of applciator

Take out the plunger of the syringe. Set it aside. Place the solution inside the syringe to rinse the inside. Rinse off the black piece of the plunger for the syringe. Allow the cleaner it to flow onto a paper towel or a bowl when you are cleaning.

.clean out syringe

Wipe off the syringe plunger off using the solution. Set them aside. You may still have some staining however this will not cause any issue with future use. Be sure items are dry before you store them.

clean out syringe results

Be sure to clean up any spilled ink and throw out all towels. YOU ARE DONE! You did it! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on your FOREVER CHAMELEON PENS! Refillable and replaceable! PERFECT!used supplies

Thank you for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.