Marbleize Paper using Shaving Cream

Marbleize Paper using Shaving Cream is what we have for you today! This technique is not only cool but has awesome results! Great ready to get creative and messy!

This is the creation I made. We will be creating the Marbleize Paper using Shaving Cream background paper.

Supplies Needed for the Marbleize Paper using Shaving Cream project

A Creative Journey with Melissa Sign Language Sentiments 2

Hazelnut, Oregano and Mushroom Tim Holtz Adirondack Ink

Shaving Cream

Paper Towels and lots of them

Platter or tray


Popsicle sticks

Photo Paper/Glossy Paper

Isopropyl Alcohol for clean up

You can use regular card stock for this technique (on the right) however, I prefer the glossy paper (on the left) because I think it looks more vibrant.

Take out your platter and shaving cream.

Put shaving cream all over your platter.

Spread the shaving cream on  your platter all over the bottom of the tray. I used a popsicle stick to spread the shaving cream. This will allow for two pieces of paper to fit onto the tray at the same time.

Add the hazelnut ink to the shaving cream. I added lines of ink to the left side and dots on the right to get two different looks in the same tutorial.

Oregano is the second ink you will add to your shaving cream.

Add Mushroom to your shaving cream.

Using a popsicle stick, spread the ink so it is mixed up. You can do this as much or as little as you want depending on the look you want.

On the right I used the toothpick to give a different look and texture to the shaving cream mix.

I decided to add a little more ink for my Marbleize Paper using Shaving Cream project so if you choose to do the same, YOU CAN!

Mix it up to your liking!

Take out your glossy paper. Place your paper on top of the right colored area.

In this case, we had two areas I wanted to focus on. Place your second piece of paper in the area in which you want the color from.

Push the paper into the shaving cream to get a little more color and effect to the paper.

This is what it looks like once you have removed the paper from the shaving cream. You see why it’s messy now right? LOL

I decided I am going to add even a little more color so here I go adding some dots of alcohol ink!

This is what it looks like after I have added more ink with the shaving cream!

NOTE:Typically, I will do a lot of these at once so I only have to clean up once. If you are doing multiples, I would suggest you do all of the shaving cream and then go back to each step all at once for each creation.

Now it is time to clean off the paper. Place a few paper towels on your work surface. Place your shaving cream colored area face down on the paper towel. Fold the paper inside the paper towel to cover the whole thing.

Starting from the inside toward the outside, smooth out the paper allowing the shaving cream to go to the outside edges.

Open up the paper towel.

This is what it looks like once removed from the paper towel.

Wipe off any excess shaving cream or ink from the back of the paper as well.

I love how the paper that I added more ink to turned out. This looks like a piece of granite to me!

You have finished the Marbleize Paper using Shaving Cream project! Here are all of the varieties I create using the same ink and shaving cream. All I did was create different patterns! Pretty cool, huh? What do you plan on creating using this technique?

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