SUPER EASY Craft Project – Planner Pom Pom Clip

SUPER EASY Craft Project – Planner Pom Pom Clip is what we have for you today. You can use this clip not only for your planner but also as a book mark, scrapbook marker, gift for a friend and so much more! I was reintroduced to the Pom Pom when I went to a crop hosted by my friends Esther and Leticia. I remember making them when I was younger and LOVED THEM! Leticia is on our Creative Crew and I along with Brandie and Rhoda on our Creative Crew were thrilled to support such an AWESOME crop. Esther did the demonstration of the Planner Pom Pom Clip.

If you are in the Los Angeles, California and are interested in going to one of their crops, send me a message and I will get you in contact with them!

Now, do you want to make your own? Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed

Twine or Yarn


Paper Clips

Cut off a 4-6 inch piece of twine or yarn and set aside. You will use this to tie your Planner Pom Pom Clip.

Hold out your two fingers. Holding them apart approximately a quarter to a half of an inch apart. Starting at the bottom of your fingers as shown, wrap your yard around your fingers.

Wrap around your fingers with the yarn.

I wrapped the yarn twenty five times around my fingers.

If you want the Planner Pom Pom Clip to be more full, you would want to add more times wrapped with your yarn.

Cut off the yarn on the bottom once you have finished wrapping it to your desired thickness.

Take out the yarn piece you set aside. You will want to push the yarn piece in between your fingers as shown above where it is wrapped with the yarn.

Once you have pushed the yarn through, pull the yarn half way through so that there is yarn on both sides.

You will then take the ends of the pushed through yarn and tie them.

Remove the yarn from your fingers.

Pull the yarn tightly ensuring the yarn is in place securely.

You will then want to tie it again making a knot.

Once this is complete, take out your paper clip. Bend out your paper clip a little so you have a little bit of room between the outside edge and the inside.

Insert your paper clip either through the knot in the pom pom or behind it.

I chose to place the paper clip behind the knot. I feel like it is more secure this way.

Once it is securely attached, slide the paper clip around a full 360 degrees around the paper clip so that the paper clip is facing the correct way.

This is what the Planner Pom Pom Clip should look like once the paper clip is fully in place.

Now it’s time to trim your Planner Pom Pom Clip! It’s just like giving your clip a hair cut. Trim it to your liking whether it be short, long, even or uneven, it’s all up to you!

Here is my completed Planner Pom Pom Clip!

Here are the three Planner Pom Pom Clip creations I made! Aren’t they adorable? The possibilities are endless!

Again, a huge thank you to Esther and Leticia for inspiring my creativity today!

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