Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies

Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies is what we have for you today. I took a great class a few weeks ago at the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim and loved the products shown. I just wanted to share with you what I got AND my giveaway 🙂

A to Z Scrapbooking along with Layle from Simple Stories – Carpe Diem

had a wonderful class. I would definitely suggest taking it. It’s not just for beginners either! I am excited to show you so let’s get started!

Here are the Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies that I received in the class. I really thought it had a great array of different items. Perfect for any planner!

I really love these clear stickers! I love how some are square shaped and some are circle.

This insert is a great addition to any planner. If you really like it, you can laminate it so it doesn’t get ruined. They suggested you laminate items that you  may want to use almost like a white board. You can then buy wet erase markers and use those for lists on the go!

The stickers that were given in the Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies kit were perfect! I love the alphabets and the item stickers. Very useful for anyone running a household!

These stickers are great for a journaling prompt as well as items that may come up in a month for a planner.

Who doesn’t love planner clips?

The circle stickers fit perfectly in the circles for the dates so you can make it your own!

Here is the two page spread layout. Really neat, don’t you think? I like how it gives you a bit more room to write down what you may need to.

What a great idea to carry around your washi tape. Which do YOU think you would rather haul around? YES! ME TOO!

This is the Posh Carpe Diem planner set from the Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies. It has the tabs and some really great places to keep organized.

There is nothing like an inspiring quote to cheer you up! This too is included in the planner kit!

Another colorful inspiring quote perfect to start a new month!

I really liked these kits. The colors are nice and bold. I liked the folders that could hold some items you may need for an up coming appointment.

Here is a list of all of the items that comes in the Snap sticker set.

This is a kit I bought from A to Z Scrapbooking and this was not included in the Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies class.

You won’t believe the amazing goodies that came in this kit!

So many possibilities for not only planners but cards and scrapbook pages!

Be sure to check out the scrapbook expo and their booth if they are in town near you!


Now, for the GIVEAWAY!

This week for our Giveaway, we are giving away the Posh Carpe Diem Planner set.

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If you do not contact me within two weeks of the announcement of winning, you will unfortunately, forfeit your prize and it will be placed back in the giveaway stash for a future giveaway. Thank you for your understanding.

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For last weeks giveaway of the American Crafts Marker set

Lisa Davis is the winner!

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We hope you enjoyed our Scrapbook Expo Planner Goodies! Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.