SUPER EASY Stamp Straight Tips

SUPER EASY Stamp Straight Tips is what we have for you today. I don’t know if you have a problem with stamping straight on your projects but I sure do. I love stamping with our clear stamps but even with a grid and being able to see where they are going doesn’t mean I can always line it up properly. Maybe it is a little OCD on my part but it can be daunting if you are trying to get something really straight by looking at it upside down. Well, I have a few tips for you.. Hopefully, these will help you as they have  helped me AND encourage you to get your craft on! Are you READY? Let’s get Creative!

What you will need

Sentiments for All Occasions A Creative Journey with Melissa Stamp Set



Stamp Block

My stamps are stained. This will NOT effect the integrity of the stamps or the image that is stamped. They are just well loved with pigment ink.

Solvent ink is NOT recommended for clear stamps on a continual basis as they will degrade the stamps over time. Pigment ink is fine however some of them can stain the stamps as shown above.

For SUPER EASY Stamp Straight Tips, you will want to place your stamps as if they are already stamped. Normally you would place them backwards but for this tip, you will place them readable as seen above.

Using whatever stamps you want to use on your project, arrange them on a piece of paper or even grid paper if you wish.

Using the grid on the blocks work very well but sometimes it’s hard to line up when the words are upside down.

I think I have the sentiment pretty close.

Here is a close up. The words thanks and generous need a little arrangement. Once you have straightened it out to the way you want it, you are set!

For the SUPER EASY Stamp Straight Tips, take your clear stamp block and place it on top of the arranged stamps.

This is what it looks like. I think I turned my hand a little when I picked it up so I corrected the generous stamp and we were set!

Ink your sentiment.

Stamp your sentiment on your paper.

I typically will stamp a few extra so I can have them on hand when I am creating. You can never have too many thank you sentiments on hand, right?

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We hope you enjoyed our SUPER EASY Stamp Straight Tips! Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.