Scrapbook Expo Class Haul Overview – Superhero Autism Awareness Card Revisited

Scrapbook Expo Class Haul Overview – Superhero Autism Awareness Card Revisited is what we have for you today. I went to the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Pomona, California (AKA Scrapbook Expo) and wanted to show you the classes my husband and I took!

I DON’T want you to forget that April is Autism Awareness month and wanted to show you a card I created last year which I just love! Check out my project here named You’re my Superhero Autism Awareness Project. I hope you like the project as much as I enjoyed creating it!

My hubby and I had a great time at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Pomona, California. It was three days and Jon went with me every day. He took classes two of the three days but went along to keep me company and I have to say I loved it! He did some work while I was in classes when he wasn’t taking any so it was a win win!

If you are interested in seeing if there is an expo in your area, go to their website at and check it out!


The first class I took was Planners 101 with Michelle Hill. She is one of the creators of The Wandering Planners. The booklet she gave had a lot of tips, tricks and ideas to help us be better planners! If you are a planner, you need to be sure to check her out, their website and their meetups! You won’t be disappointed!!!


Not only is Michelle inspirational as I have taken her classes before, she is a lovely human being inside and out. Definitely check out both of her websites for her amazing inspiration. You won’t be disappointed!

The second class I took was 3,4,5 make your projects come alive! Nicole Petersen taught the class and it was great! I did a little video on Instagram and also posted it on Facebook if you want to check it out HERE. You can also just watch the above video and you can see cards in action!

Here is the die that I used for it. The die is called shade and valance by Technique Tuesday. SO many ideas I have for this die… Like party invitations with a picture, stamping numbers for the shade part for a birthday card.. oh my.. the list is really endless!

This little frog, fly and lily pad is so adorable! It moves up and down! I love cards in motion!







Nobody likes any llama drama but this was so darned cute! I love how it came out and it was so easy to do! This is definitely going to be a tutorial on my YouTube channel on this magic card!


I thought this card was perfect for my hubby and I  especially the inside!! KISSING!!  I love how it looks like the fish are floating in the water!


Not only did I get a free set with my class kit I also won a set! These will be two of the giveaways for this weeks giveaway! Pretty cool, huh?

This was a class that my husband took himself while I was in a different class. HE ACED IT! I love how this bag came out and I really love how he took to it. Don’t be surprised if he starts doing his own videos!!

The vinyl classes were sponsored by Crafter Depot. Be sure to check them out for future purchases!! I love their knowledge, kindness and patience with all of the attendees.


I love this guide to all of the siser colors they carry as well as their own line. LOVE the colors… omg… I am so ready to create something.. I don’t know what I should do first!

 Vinyl weeding (separating the pieces from the design) can be challenging….

but the rewards outweigh the frustration….

For my hubby’s first time.. I THINK HE ROCKED IT!!!

I took a class with It’s Cheaper than Therapy. This class was an instructional class that showed you the tricks on how to create these awesome 3-D cards. These were samples. I didn’t make them myself.

This Christmas card is A D O R A B L E!!!

This is so adorable! I love the color combos for this card!! Totally inspired!

And who doesn’t LOVE coffee!!!

They were so generous with their swag bag I am able to pass some on to you! These are also part of what I will also be giving away this week!

Last but not least was this class. I actually had my husband take this class while I was in the previous class with cards. He was such a good sport!

I didn’t know this as the class was called The planner girls memory planning 101 that it was a super women’s empowerment class too. My husband said he wanted to be a strong woman as well LOL Gotta love him, right?! I love the color palette of this class.

Look at the ephemera in this little set?!

The clips and stickers are ADORABLE!!! Needless to say, we had a great time and loved the classes I spoke of above. Really enjoyed myself.

I think we may have created a monster too where my husband may just be looking forward to the next one!!

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