Using Twine & Sign Language Sentiments on a Card – It’s a SNEAK PEEK!!

Have you ever thought about using different items for your creations? What about twine? Have you thought about using bakers twine on a creation you have created to add a little color or pop? Thanks for joining us for Monday’s with Melissa. Today I am going to be showing you how to create a card using twine and give you a sneak peek of the stamp sets coming out Wednesday! Whether you learn better by video or a pictorial, we have both! Let’s Get To It!!!

Here is a list of the supplies you will need to create this:

Shaped Punches


Patterned Paper for Base of Card

Paper for Stamped Sentiment

Coordinating Colored Paper

3-D Foam Squares

1/8 hole punch (works best with the diameter of bakers twine)


Tape Runner/Adhesive



Sentiment Stamps ( We used the to be released on 4-8-15 Sign Language Sentiments Stamp Set )

Acrylic Stamp Block

Adhere foam squares to the patterned paper

Adhere paper to card

Line up sentiment paper on card for placement of the hole for the twine. This is needed because you are punching a hole through both the sentiment paper as well as the card so that they can be  lined up for proper twine bow placement.

Punch a hole through the sentiment paper and the card at the same time so they will line up for the twine attachment. Set the sentiment paper aside.

Punch out your heart shapes out of the colored card stock.

Take out your ink, stamps, sentiment paper and block.

Place sentiment on stamp block, ink stamp and stamp on the pre-punched sentiment paper.

Place adhesive on the back of the stamped sentiment paper

Adhere stamped sentiment paper onto the card ensuring the holes punched earlier are aligned.

Put the twine through both the holes on the card and sentiment.

Tie a bow with the twine and trim off the excess.

Adhere foam square to the back of the large heart and place on the card.

Place adhesive to the back of the two smaller hearts (You can also use pop squares on the smaller hearts as well. This is a design choice.)

You have your completed card 🙂

We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial… If you would like to see the sneak peek of the stamp sets that are to be released on Wednesday, check out our video above and be sure to come back on Wednesday for What’s New Wednesday for our Blog Hop which includes the new sign language sentiment stamp set as well as two other stamp sets to be released, creations and GIVEAWAYS!!

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