An Olympics Kind of Year

An Olympics Kind of Year is what 2016 is and boy for the past year plus we have felt like we have been tried as if we are preparing for one.

Although we aren’t in Rio

we feel like we have been competing to win for the last year or more. Between deaths in the family, surgeries, illness and other health issues, personal challenges, professional challenges and depression to name a few, its been challenging to say the least.  The good thing is, no matter what we face, even if it is An Olympics Kind of Year, we face it head on. We know that the only way we fail is if we don’t try so we endure what we must and keep on keeping on.

My son Christian

has had a challenging few years.  It’s been An Olympics Kind of Year times two or so. I have learned a number of amazing lessons from him and one of which is, If not now, when? With that, I have posted the above video. Whether you are a Mother, Father, Aunt, Cousin or a just an everyday caring human, no one wants to see anyone in harms way. Well, my son wanted to challenge himself. He wanted to bungee jump. Not JUST bungee jump but to bungee jump off of the


How about a little perspective on what that looks like, right? I know… I felt nauseous too!

Yes. He did. Yes, I said OK and worse… We even paid for it. I hated the idea because I am his Mom but really loved the idea that he wanted to challenge himself and conquer something of his choice. And BOY DID HE!

Here are some of the pictures of his adventure. If you want to see the video, be sure to check it out above!

Bungee e

Getting harnessed up to jump!

Bungee f

He’s READY! No, I am NOT!

Bungee i

I don’t think I even watched him jump… I was really scared!

Bungee g

He jumped and is coming back up! Phew! I can breathe again!


Almost at the platformBungee a

Getting back onto the platform..Bungee b

Bungee d

Gotta get him unhooked.

Bungee h

He did it and is safe and sound!Bungee c

I think he is a little proud of himself… AS HE SHOULD BE! LOVE IT!

The lesson? If not now, when?

Can you imagine if all of the people in the Olympics said I can’t. The Olympics themselves is a testament to what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. The only voice you have stopping you is YOURS. No one can tell you no unless you allow them.

What are you waiting for?

What do you want to do? What’s on your bucket list? I challenge you to create a bucket list and accomplish just two of those things in 2016. Well, what are you waiting for? I would love to hear what you are going to put on your list.  Just remember no matter what challenge you face.. YOU CAN DO IT! And again, what are you waiting for?