ADHD The Struggle is Real – A Personal Journey with Melissa Part #6

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Sorry, it’s been a while. Had some important family stuff going on and everything just about came to a halt. Things are getting back on track slowly but surely so here I am… I’MMMMMMM BACK!!!  So last we left off I heard the horrible sentence….”Mom, my feet are cold again” …………. Needless to say I was FREAKED OUT! I looked at his feet and saw they were white again so in a matter of seconds which felt like hours these thoughts went through my mind –

  1. We now know that he isn’t cold-he is inside the house
  2. He hasn’t been riding his motorcycle all day like he had last time

So that’s exactly what we did. We warmed his feet up, color came back and immediately called his doctor. Dr. A is an AWESOME pediatrician. She has known the boys since we moved here in 2000 and really listens to the boys/our concerns. Some people may call their doctor a lot or may be whiners but I am not one of those people. So when I called the pediatrician about this issue (obviously it was serious too) I got a return call back within a half hour. I explained the situation and she wanted to see him so we went in to do so that same day. She checked him out and said although she can’t be sure, he is presenting with symptoms that are consistent with Raynaud’s (ray-NOHZ) disease/syndrome. She suggested we see a specialist and I said we will go to UCLA. By the time we got back home it was too late to call UCLA for an appointment. (Side Note: Jon has gone to UCLA for kidney issues and they are WONDERFUL so there wasn’t a question in my mind where we wanted to go) The next morning I called and tried to get in for an appointment. I told them that it was under the pediatricians recommendation that he be seen asap. They didn’t think he could be seen for a week. Yes, I know that is pretty quick for UCLA BUT it was MY BABY (again, yes I know I know) and I didn’t want to wait. The lady was so sweet at UCLA. She said if I could have the doctor call them, that would help. I am sure tons of people say the same as I did to do the same as I was hoping for. I said I would call the doctor. I called back to Dr. A’s office and spoke to her nurse C. C was so sweet she took my info and had Dr. A call within 15 minutes. I called back and we had an appointment in two days. YES TWO DAYS!!  SO BLESSED AND GRATEFUL BEYOND WORDS!

In the meantime, I started thinking about what could it be, what has changed, what was different? Like a brick wall, it hit me. Christian was having a real hard time concentrating with school back in October. When we talked to his psychiatrist in October, Dr. S., he had suggested that he take focalin along with his current medicine for his ADHD which is strattera. Strattera is actually what both he and I had been on for quite some time for ADHD. I got to thinking and called Dr. S. I left a message and he called me back. I asked him if he thought there could be any correlation between the two meds and this incident. He said no. We hung up and something was still pulling at me but I figured I would just wait until we talked to the doctor at UCLA. Maybe they will know of something or have better insight? Of course it was the longest two days of my life… as I am sure you can understand.

So on February 23, 2012, both of my boys, hubby and I drove to UCLA. We felt it was important that Austin go along as well because it is his brother,  we knew it would help Christian to have him there to support his brother and most of all – Austin would be worried sick about his brother and wouldn’t be able to concentrate at school anyway. Besides, we don’t have any family that lives really close by – it’s the four of us.. Do you hear a Fantastic 4?? LOL Anyway, that’s just how we roll. We left early in the morning to go to the doctor because well, we live in California. Our traffic is AWFUL. It worked out really well. We had an extra hour to spare so we parked and walked a block or so to a local coffee shop and got some coffee and breakfast. We talked and laughed… A LOT. I am sure it helped to keep Christian’s mind from worrying.. I think it helped all of us really. After breakfast we walked up and checked in. We then were called and we went in to see the doctor. They took a history, asked questions and really did a thorough job of trying to figure out what was going on. We started talking to the doctor about the focalin / strattera situation wondering if this was an issue. The Doctors eyes lit up and she said she had a patient last week that had the same type of issues, symptoms and YEP! You guessed it.. Focalin/strattera were involved. She suggested C stop taking Focalin and see what happens and also ordered blood tests which we went to get after we left her office (those results were fine.) Christian hasn’t taken Focalin and doesn’t seem to have any issues like that anymore. His feet get cold, they turn colors but do not lose circulation and trust me, I check.

Here are some pictures from our UCLA trip. They aren’t the best but I thought I would include them in here anyway 🙂 My how phone picture quality has changed just in a few years!

On our way...

On our way…

Comic relief for Christian

Comic relief for Christian

Best Friends and Brothers



A Sigh of relief and now let the fun begin!

A sigh of relief and now let the fun begin!

Oh geez!!!!  I forgot to tell you the best part. When we got back, we called Dr. S to let him know what happened and we told him about the Focalin/Strattera issue. He said “No, that’s not the issue.” I said, “The doctor said she had the same type of issue with a boy around C’s age and had the same results with the same meds.” He said, “UCLA doesn’t know what they are talking about.” Yes, I know what you are thinking and yes I thought it too but rather than argue with him (I KNOW A MIRACLE, RIGHT.. SHE CAN BE TAUGHT!) I just let it go… The thing is…. I should have trusted my gut at that moment…. I should have known better…………..

This is what my kids call foreshadowing……. to be continued