Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle is what we are showing you today. YES! I know! Sounds like fun right? Well it is. My awesome son Christian did the interview with Linda at the CHA Show 2016. I can’t tell you how excited I am to show you the AMAZING talent of my friend Linda. To see more of here concrete crafts, go to her personal facebook page and check out her amazing creations! She is going to be featured in a magazine in the spring. I will update this post once it has been published but here you are getting your very own sneak peek!

Supplies for Creating with Concrete

Makers Mix Concrete

Water for mixing

Mixing Bowl

Measuring cup

Covered work area

Sturdy surface to work on

Tint Powders for coloring the concrete

Mixing utencils (spatula or scraper)

Molds of your favorite shape or design

Acrylic paint

Paint Brushes

Water to rinse paint brushes

Below is a pictorial of what Linda did with the demonstration for us at CHA. For more details, check out the video above.

First, add water to your concrete ensuring it is mixed thoroughly.

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle

Using vegetable oil, prepare the inside of the molds to allow for it’s release upon drying.

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle b

Add your concrete to your mold.

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle c

Want to add some color to your concrete? Add the tinting powder, mix and pour it into the prepared mold. It’s just that easy!

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle f

If you would like to paint your creation, I would suggest you allow it to dry overnight if it is a very thick item if it is smaller like the molds shown, 1-2 hours should work well but use your best judgement as it varies with the amount of concrete/water ratio and how long dry time is.

 Here are some of the other amazing creations Linda has made using concrete.

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle g

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle h

Concrete Crafts with Linda Swingle i

Thank you so much for joining us today! We hope you enjoyed Linda’s amazing creativity and of course thank you so much for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


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