Epilepsy Awareness Month Project

Did you know that Epilepsy Awareness Month is November? Join me as I create an Epilepsy Awareness Month Project which is an Epilepsy Awareness Card. My son’s girlfriend is studying to be a nurse. Unfortunately, she has first hand experience with Epilepsy as her brother has epilepsy.

I thought it would be a good idea to create awareness for this very important cause. One of the things that I learned is do not put anything in or around their mouth.

They will not choke on their tongue. Years ago I remember hearing that. It probably started years back when we weren’t educated about this condition and that is why I wanted to share it with you. I found a lot of helpful information here. Educate yourself so that you can be prepared if you need to be a helping hand when someone is having a seizure.

Are you ready to start the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project? Let’s get started.

Supplies Needed for the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project

A Creative Journey with Melissa Awareness Ribbon Set #1

Acrylic Block






Corner Rounder


Paper to stamp on

Card Base

Rhinestone Tool (optional)

Take out your A Creative Journey with Melissa Awareness Ribbon Stamp Set #1.

Place your stamp on your acrylic block.

Ink your image.

Stamp your image on your paper.

Here is a close up of the Awareness Ribbon we are using for the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project.

Choose the sentiment for your ribbon. Place it on your acrylic block a little bit rounded so it fits well inside the image.

Ink your stamp ensuring the entire sentiment is covered with ink.

Stamp the inside of the Awareness Ribbon with your chosen sentiment.

Here is a close up of the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project so far.

Using your favorite purple marker or coloring tool, color the inside of the ribbon shown on the finished project.

I used my crayola marker for lettering. The color is fabulous and I really like how it came out!

This shows you what the ribbon looks like once I colored it. I colored the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project on the right side a bit darker. I did most of it with two layers of color and the right image is a little lighter only coloring one layer.

Using your twine, wrap it around your sentiment paper. I wrapped it three times and then tied a bow. What do you think?

Take out your rhinestones and place three on the bottom of the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project ribbon on the right side as shown.

Using the corner rounder, round the corners to your liking. For the example card, I rounded the top left and bottom right corners. For the Epilepsy Awareness Month Project shown in the video, I rounded the bottom of the card.

Apply adhesive to the back of your sentiment and image.

Place your sentiment and image on your card base.

The Epilepsy Awareness Project is complete!

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