Water Coloring Fun – Lessons Learned

Water Coloring Fun – Lessons Learned is what we have for you today. We have pencils and water color paints and what works and WHAT DIDN’T.. Yep, you guessed it! Lessons learned! The good news is, you will learn from my mistakes and we can learn together. I also have a few explanations to keep you from doing the same thing I did. If you have any input or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Not just with this but any video or idea you have!

Supplies Needed for Water Coloring Fun

A Creative Journey with Melissa Petals for You Stamp Set

Acrylic Stamp Block

Water Color Pencils

Paint Brushes

Paper for water coloring (or your paper may warp)

Water Color Paint

Memento Ink


First, you will need to take out your stamp block, ink, stamp from your A Creative Journey with Melissa Petals for You Stamp Set and water color paper.

Here is a close up of the awesome Acrylic Stamp Block we have. They even have grid lines to help you line up your sentiments and images!

Place your first stamp on your acrylic block and ink your image.

Stamp your image on your water color paper ensuring you are on the less textured side. This will help to avoid irregularities in your stamping due to the texture.

Remove your stamp and place it back on your sheet. Place your second image on your stamp block and ink it

Stamp your image on your water color paper.

This stamp set also allows you to stamp inside of the image to get a different look and effect. You have a number of choices with this set so be sure to check it out! Now you are ready for some Water Coloring Fun!

Here is a close up of the double stamped image.

Take out your water color pencils.

I NOW INTERRUPT THIS REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOG POST TO TELL YOU HOW COOL THIS RE-PURPOSED/RECYCLED PACKAGING IS! It came with the magnets on the right and I just had to save them for painting.. Can you believe these weren’t made for this? Now, you may just look at packaging in a different way! NOW BACK TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOG POST.

To start some Water Coloring Fun, outline the inside flower with the darker of the two orange colors.

You can even exaggerate your colored lines to give a darker effect on the edges.

Outline the outside flower with the lighter orange.

The flower is outlined in exaggerated color with my water color pencils. Are you having Water Coloring Fun yet?

Take out your paint brush and place some water on it. Using the water color pencil color, pull it into the blank area with the water creating your water color effect.

Here is a close up before I really get started. As you can see, I wasn’t clean with my lines but it still turns out OK!

In between colors unless you want a very blended color, clean your brush. This will keep your creation from having a muddled look.

Here is a close up. I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED HERE, CUT IT OUT AND HAD MY IMAGE. Here comes the mistake.. creative mistake but mistake just the same. Imagine how bored you would be though if I wasn’t here to entertain you?

I wanted more color in the middle of the flower. I picked up my water color pencil and added a little squiggle of color in the middle.

It wasn’t working so I dabbed it with a paper towel and added more water. I added too much water and the paper started to flake a bit. Again, lesson learned.

Previous water color pencils I have used were quite a bit more expensive but with that, you also get a smoother creamier texture and result. I am not sure if my pencils are dried out or just older but I wasn’t able to move much around in the middle. I did press down harder than I should have though so maybe I will try it again and just use the pencil lightly?

Probably because I can’t leave well enough alone, I wanted to have more Water Coloring Fun and I thought why not try to see if it was the pencils that may be a bit harder giving a harsher look. I lightly colored some squiggles on the flower.

I cleaned my paint brush and then used the squiggle lines and water and pulled the color throughout the image.

This is what it looked like so what did I learn? Don’t do that again! LOL Be sure I am outlining images or areas that I don’t mind if there is a visable line. I do know that these pencils are a number of years old and definitely not super expensive so the creaminess in the texture of water color wasn’t there. So what do you do when you make a creative mistake? Enjoy it if you like it or what? FIX IT!

I took out my water color paints, cleaned off my brush and re wet my brush. There is more pigment with these and as long as I don’t water them down too much I should be able to salvage my mistake! I will show you that in a minute but first, let’s try another flower with the orange!

I colored the entire flower with just my water color paint. Can you feel the Water Coloring Fun in the air?

Here is a close up of the last two I did. I like the orange one but I want a little bit more color. One would have thought I learned last time and I DID!

I added more orange to my brush and painted some on in the middle of the flower image.

This is a close up of the added color. Nothing like using Water Coloring Fun to make a little bit of a mess!

I took a dry brush (no water) and brushed it across to get a more even look as well as a little bit of the texture from the bristles. I love how it came out!

Now to fix that mistake. Take the red with a bit of water.. I know it looks pink but it is definitely filling in the color nicely.

Add more color as you feel necessary as well as more water. It looks like it is working!

How do you like that? FIXED!

What did we learn? Don’t scribble in the middle of your image or press hard with your water color pencils. If the water color pencils are older and less expensive, they may not blend as well so know your material and project. Most of all HAVE FUN and make those mistakes as they are meant to happen so you LEARN!  Don’t ever give up and keep on being creative… You can do it!

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