Craft Haul Part 2

Craft  Haul Part 2 is what we have for you today. This is the second video of my swap meet Craft Haul. If you want to check out my Craft Haul part 1 click HERE. Today, I wanted to share the rest of my craft haul from the swap meet I bought last week.  I had gotten such a great haul I had to split it into two videos. I know… rough problem, right? It was so much fun I am going to have to go again soon.. when I can afford it!

Craft Haul Part 2 a

First we have some awesome Sizzix Embossing Folders here.

I LOVE THEM! So excited to create with them! One of the greatest things about them is that they are the larger size 5″ x 7″.

Craft Haul Part 2 b

The first embossing folder is the Kitchen Weave pattern. I love it! I think it is really versatile as you can use it for both male and female creations!

Craft Haul Part 2 c

Here is the Honeycomb embossing folder. This works great with our Design Elements stamp set.

Craft Haul Part 2 d

This is the Old Paris embossing folder. The detail is awesome!

Craft Haul Part 2 e

Here is a full picture of the embossing folder.

You can use this for a driving creation, travel, map, and so much more!

Craft Haul Part 2 f

As you can see here, the paper is an A2 size and the embossing folder is 5 x 7 so you can see how much more paper you can use with this folder. AWESOME!

Craft Haul Part 2 g

Now we have some banner dies. I love this set because it has various sizes that are perfect for matting or for creating multiple sizes for different uses.

Craft Haul Part 2 h

This is another awesome set. I love the example creation on here!

Craft Haul Part 2 i

Here is the back of the packaging so you can see how many dies come with this set! What a great deal!

Craft Haul Part 2 j

Here we have three different card sets.

These die sets have not only the card die but so many embellishments and other goodies for you to create with!

Craft Haul Part 2 k

Here is the first die. I love all of the different elements you can create!

Craft Haul Part 2 l
Here is the back of the set showing you all of the amazing dies that are in this set.

Craft Haul Part 2 m

Here is another amazing card die set. I love how cute the scalloped edges are!

Craft Haul Part 2 n

Here is the back of the envelope showing you all of the dies included in this awesome set.

Craft Haul Part 2 o

Here is the third card die set.

I love how many elements and how adorable the creation is on the front!
Craft Haul Part 2 p

I have taken out the dies for a closer review of the die set. This is the die for the card. It folds as shown above so that it is a moving card. Once folded properly, it will be an A2 card.

Craft Haul Part 2 q

Here are all of the dies included in this set. All of the circle dies can be nested in one another. I LOVE that! You also don’t have to worry about fussy cutting the mat for the base of the card. you have dies to do that for you! HOW EASY IS THAT?!

We hope you enjoyed checking out our craft haul! See anything you like?

Let me know and I hope to do a giveaway soon with one of my craft haul finds! Thank you so much for joining us today and for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.