Hot Pick: Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Hot Pick: Hot Glue Gun Helpers is what we have for you today.

Do you use hot glue guns? Have you ever touched the hot glue?

Hot Glue Gun Helpers b

So have you burnt yourself? Yes?

Hot Glue Gun Helpers c

This is NO LONGER something you need to do! I have the perfect product that will save you a lot of time and your finger prints! Sharing products that I love is one of my favorite things to do and this one is no different. As I was about to start a project with my hot glue gun, I realized I don’t think I have ever let you in on one of the biggest crafting inventions of all time and so here we are!

If you would like to get your very own set or two (Like I did) of Hot Glue Gun Helpers,

be sure to go to Cathy and Steve’s website to purchase them right from the inventors! They have amazing products including molds, the mod melter, their own craft sticks to be used to create amazing things and so much more! Check out their shop HERE. They also have amazing tutorials and so much more! Be sure to visit their website and take a look around! Their products are also available at multiple big box stores like Michael’s if you can’t find what you are looking for be sure to check out this list and you can find a store that is near you.

The Glue Gun Helpers:

Hot Glue Gun Helpers a

The set includes:

Hot Glue Gun Helpers dTwo finger Caps

Hot Glue Gun Helpers e

Press Wand

Hot Glue Gun Helpers f

Pointed Paddle

Hot Glue Gun Helpers g

Non Stick Tweezers

Hot Glue Gun Helpers hNon Stick Mat

Here are a few of the numerous uses you can use this set for:

Hot Glue Gun Helpers h

You can use the mat to glue onHot Glue Gun Helpers i

If you happen to spill some of the glue on the mat, no worries!Hot Glue Gun Helpers j

You just peel it right off the mat. NO FUSS OR MESS!

Hot Glue Gun Helpers k

You can even put hot glue directly on the finger caps but be mindful of the temperature of the glue so you don’t burn yourself for those that are sensitive to heat.Hot Glue Gun Helpers l

You can even put your fingers together as you can see the glue is still warm as it is sticky and stringy.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers m

As I keep touching my fingers together, the glue pulls away from the glue caps and basically clean themselves off!
Hot Glue Gun Helpers oYou can use the pointed paddle to spread the hot glue in various areas you may need more coverage than the hot glue gun tip allows!

Hot Glue Gun Helpers p

What if you have a few small spaces you need to get your hot glue to stick to?Hot Glue Gun Helpers q

You are covered! Just use the pointed tip on the area you need and you are set!

Hot Glue Gun Helpers r

What if you want to stick material to an area? Simply place glue on the surface and press down on the material.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers s

That worked perfectly but what if you end up getting some glue and material on your mat?Hot Glue Gun Helpers t

Simply use your finger caps and pull up the glue and material.Hot Glue Gun Helpers u


Hot Glue Gun Helpers v

What if you need to spread a larger amount of glue to a larger area?Hot Glue Gun Helpers w

Use the pointed paddle! Simply spread the glue!Hot Glue Gun Helpers x

You realize you have some on the mat? No problem! Use the non stick tweezers and pull the hot glue right off!


Hot Glue Gun Helpers y

Who wants to have a burn like this? NO ONE! Just get your own Hot Glue Gun Helpers and use your hot glue gun for hours on end easily and safely WITHOUT BURNS!

As you can tell, I love this product. I love Cathie and Steve and their amazing inventions for us crafty people and I can’t share this enough so please be sure to save your friends some frustrations and burns and share it as well!

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoyed the product overview and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.