Craft Haul Part 1

Craft Haul Part 1 is what we have for you today! We do not have a tutorial however we do have some WONDERFUL FINDS I want to share with you today. I was fortunate enough to go to the swap meet this morning. It has been SOOOO HOT I decided I was going to leave early. The cool thing is, my son Austin and his two friends wanted to go as well so we made a morning of it! I loved all of the items I bought and I bought so much that I really need to do another video showing you the rest of my crafty haul purchases so be sure to subscribe so you can check it out!

Part 1 of the craft haul video shows all of the Tim Holtz items I purchased. There are so many items here I had to make a video just for them! I have two sets of items in this video. I really think you are going to enjoy it!Craft Haul Part 1 a

This is the first half of my Tim Holtz craft haul. I can’t even tell you all of the amazing ideas I had when I was going through picking out items! I am going to be a very busy girl!

Craft Haul Part 1 b

This stencil or mask has not only the alphabet but the second mask has a ruler. You can mask off certain letters with post it notes if you don’t want them on your project to spell something specific if you wish too!

Craft Haul Part 1 c

This set works perfectly with the previous set. It has numbers and arrows. Wouldn’t this be great for a birthday card with someone turning a certain age and have the arrows point to the number? LOVE IT!

Craft Haul Part 1 d

This is perfect for just a little bit of background color on your creation or you can use this multiple times for a number of different colors on one project too!

Craft Haul Part 1 e

With two boys and a hubby you KNOW I am going to be using these masculine greats up FOR SURE!

Craft Haul Part 1 g

Here is a set of mini gears perfect to go with the previous set!

Craft Haul Part 1 f

These are the cutest little paper clips in my Craft Haul! Really great for those planners out there that love to have the small items in their smaller planners.

Craft Haul Part 1 h

I don’t know about you but I literally have three pair of these scissors. Well, I have them in certain areas where I create and I always find that on my main craft table they go missing and inevitably my oldest son takes them. Well today.. I bought these for FIVE DOLLARS.. BRAND NEW!  YES!!!  So I am have given him my old ones and now I get a new pair! YAY!

Craft Haul Part 1 p

This is the second set of Tim Holtz I am sharing with you today.

Craft Haul Part 1 i

We have this mask or stencil that looks like cheese cloth to me… I love how you get the look of old fabric.. I can’t wait to use it on a creation!

Craft Haul Part 1 l

Now we all know how much I love coffee.. ESPECIALLY when it comes to crafts so what better way to celebrate that than to buy a stencil with a coffee cup mark and splatter? EXACTLY! For my Craft Haul, I also bought an extra so that I can give one away for our next Coffee Lovers Blog Hop! That will be coming up in the fall!

Craft Haul Part 1 m

 I really enjoy the lines with this stencil. It gives an old look but what a great background it could be for any project!

Craft Haul Part 1 n

OMG! I love these! Perfect for our Spinner Greetings stamp set! Of course I definitely need more brads.. A shame there aren’t any eyelets in there too! LOL

Craft Haul Part 1 o

Here is another crafty find from my Craft Haul is perfect for those planners out there. These are adorable, smaller and sturdy! I can’t wait to use them!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to enjoy my swap meet Craft Haul! I hope I have inspired you to be creative and as always we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.