Awesome Finds in Strange Places

Awesome Finds in Strange Places- Exactly what I love!! I don’t know about you but I can tell you there isn’t any place I have gone to that SOMETHING  I see doesn’t inspire me to be creative. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING that can be used for a craft or some type of creation. Yes, even at a Home Improvement Center… ESPECIALLY!! LOL

Today I am going to show you some awesome finds I found at Target, Ikea and Lowe’s (or any Home Improvement Store.) I didn’t create anything but I did find some cool things that I thought YOU may be inspired to create with. What better way to share than show you, right? I will be show you a few of the things that inspired me on my shopping trip. I had some awesome finds in strange places!! Below I have some pics so you can see what the items were if you don’t care for seeing the video above. I hope you enjoy what you see and will try to look at stores a little differently now when you shop. I am not sure if you will want to thank me or not but it is always fun to think of things in a different way. I would also love it if you share with us what you make too! Let’s get started!

Here are items I found at the Target $1 spot usually found near the entrance of the store. It’s really worth it to go through the aisles every time you go because they are often adding new items and they can be seasonal so keep your eyes out!Cover Photo

Here are some close up shots of the awesome magnetic note pad

note pad

Large blank books

Large book

Chalk Board Labels

Chalkboard labels

Small board books

small board books

Here are the items I found at Lowe’s which can be found at any home improvement store. There is cork contact paper as well as replacement screen material. I love to work with both and love the textures!! You can die cut these with your manual die cut machine however be sure you use a larger die and not a thin die. The wafer thin dies may not hold up and I would hate for you to ruin one.

cork screen

As you can see here, I have created a flower with both of these items. If you would like to see the tutorial on YouTube, Click on the link HERE


Here are the items I found Ikea which can vary from one store to another.

Paper Clips PERFECT for planners, memo books, cards and just about EVERYTHING!

star clips

speech bubbles large

speech bubble paper clips

These speech bubble paper clips go perfectly with our Speech Bubbles Mini and Speech Bubbles Large stamp sets. This is why they caught my eye so quickly!

Match for speech bubble stamp sets

Washi Tape


washi tape



I would love to hear about your crafty finds and what you do with them. Thank you for spending your time with us and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.