Crayoligraphy Kit Reveal

Crayoligraphy Kit Reveal is what we have for you today. I saw this kit at Target at a reasonable price and I thought I would check it out and show you what it has! I thought it was a pretty good kit with a number of possibilities so before you buy it, why not see it first hand right?

First for the Crayoligraphy Kit Reveal, I want to mention I said it was between $18-$25 fortunately, I was wrong. I looked it up on the internet and saw it was $13 at 25+ stores so it is even more reasonable than I thought!

I do NOT have any affiliation with Crayola. During my visit to Target (also no affiliation) I thought it was a cool set. This set comes complete with dual tipped pens, writing practice sheets, and so much more!

Here are all of the pens that are in the kit. I was pretty impressed for such a reasonably priced kit. The pens are dual tipped with complimentary colors so it really takes the guess work out of creating.

For the Crayoligraphy Kit Reveal, the color chart shows you what both sides of the tip colors are and really gives you a visual of what you are working with. PERFECT!

Here is a close up of the pen and how the colors are complimentary to increase your creativity without the guess work!

The instructional packet with the Crayoligraphy Kit Reveal really gives you a good basic variety of what you can do with this set. I am really excited to use it!

In the instruction booklet, it shows you the different tips on the markers.

Here, you can see how you can really get more creative with different accents and pen work.


Here are the different strokes you will want to practice to master the different ways to write your lettering.

Using the grid paper, you can have a better idea as to how straight you are with your lettering.

The grid paper will also help you with placement and fluidity.

Here is the entire set! Pretty cool huh?

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Thank you for joining us for the Crayoligraphy Kit Reveal. I hope you take this time to enjoy and embrace your handwriting and be creative!! BE SURE TO CHECK BACK TO SEE IF YOU ARE A WINNER!

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