Die Cutting Flowers with Cork, Screen and Jean Material? WHAT?!

Die Cutting Flowers with Cork Contact Paper, Replacement Screen and Jean Material? WHAT?! Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you tried to die cut various materials with your manual die cut machine to make a flower? In this video, we will be die cutting flowers with cork contact paper, replacement screen and jean material to make a flower. You can use this concept with any material but be sure that the material isn’t too thick of a material to where it won’t run through your manual die cut machine.

Whether you like to learn by video or by pictorial we have you covered so let’s get started!

Die cutting flowers supplies:

Manual Die Cut Machine

Die & Platforms

Cork Contact Paper

Screen Replacement Material

Jean Material

Earring (or whatever center you would like for your flower)


You can start with whatever material you prefer to die cut your flowers. Here I have used the screen material as an example but you can repeat these steps with whatever material you are using. You will take your platform first then layer on top your die, then your material (screen as shown above here) and then on top of that the other platform. You are ready to run this through your manual die cut machine! * Note: The screen material can have some sharp edges so please use caution when die cutting flowers with this material and using it with your projects.  screen die cut

Once you have die cut the screen material, take off the top platform, cut pieces and material.

die cut screen

Place your next material on the die and place platform on top. Run your “sandwich” through your manual die cut machine. Remove die cut pieces. Repeat above for any additional material you wish to use.die cut cork

Get your die cut pieces for your flower. You are now ready to layer your material to create your flower.

gather materials

You can use any piece you wish to create your layered flower. This is how I did it.

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage 2Add your earring for the center and YOU DID IT! Here is your flower!


We hope our tutorial was informative and would love to hear what materials you have chosen to use to create your flower!

Thank you for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.