Quick Thank You Note with Washi, Twine, Stamps and Die Cut!

My son’s birthday was last week and I wanted to create some quick thank you notes for him to send to those who generously sent him gifts. I know that most of the time people don’t keep handmade cards but even still, I like to create so I thought I would create this quick card and share it with you. This design is really simple and the possibilities are ENDLESS! If you would like to create a quick thank you note and a really cute one, this project is for YOU! Whether you like to learn by video or by pictorial, we have you covered so LETS BEGIN!

Here are the items you will need to create this exact quick thank you note. Remember, you can mix and match options and design ideas to your liking. This is YOUR creation so make it the way YOU want to! We used our Outside and In stamp set for the outside sentiment. If you would like to check it out, you can find it hereSupplies

First, you will need to take out your manual die cutting machine, die cut, appropriate platforms and the paper you are cutting. Roll the die through the machine and remove the die cut you need for your creation. Set aside.

die cut shape

Take out your card base, ink, stamp and stamp block. Place your stamp on the block and ink it. Stamp your sentiment on your card base. Set aside.

stamp sentiment

Take your die cut shape, twine and foam squares out. Wrap your twine around the die cut shape and tie in a knot. Cut off excess string. Place your foam squares on the back of your die cut. You can take off the backing of the foam squares at this time or wait until you are going to place it on your creation. Either way is fine. Set aside.

put twine on die

put on foam squares

Take your stamped card base along with your washi tape. Place a piece of washi tape on your card where you would like it to be for your design.

apply washi tape

Take your die cut and place it on your card on top of the washi tape. Be sure the foam squares are placed firmly on your card base.

Apply die cut to card base

Your creation is complete!


Thank you so much for joining us today for this creation. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel for tips, techniques and more! We hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa today!