SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget

Currently I am an organized mess but am looking to improve that and soon! One of the things that I do is create numerous cards. I don’t really have a great sorting or organizational system that has worked well so I started thinking… Thinking… I know it’s a scary thought but someone has to do it. I don’t like to spend excess money to organize so I thought what would be the best way to organize on a budget? This is what I came up with.

It’s fast, inexpensive and best of all you probably have all of the items or the like in your home right now!

Supplies Needed for the SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget Project

A Creative Journey with Melissa Sentiments for All Occasions Stamp Set

Acrylic Stamp Block

Stampin’ Up! Paper Trimmer with scoring and cutting blades

Black Ink

Before we get started on the SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget Project, I wanted to let you now a few things I am using in this video. I use the Ikea boxes to store my cards. They weren’t really organized but at least they were stored. Figured I was at least a quarter of the way there! We call that progress. The boxes come flat and you put them together if I remember correctly.

The cool thing about these besides the large size is that you can decorate them with the kraft paper looking box. It’s a cool way to get crafty and you could also use these as memorabilia boxes. I am not sure if you can still get them however you can use regular photo boxes that you can purchase at stores as well.

Even if you don’t have a Stampin’ Up! Trimmer and have a trimmer in your tools, you can still use it to score paper if you have a bone folder, embossing tool or a dull pointer. Measure where you want to score your paper using the trimmers measurements. You can see where the score line will go because it is where the crevasse is. Press the bone folder or tool of choice and slide it down with pressure. Don’t be too forceful or you will rip the paper.

Once folded, you will have the same result as if you used a scoring blade. You can also use a straight edge and a dull knife too. An easy fix for those on a budget!

While I am thinking about it, I also wanted to show you how the back of the Stampin’ Up! paper trimmer and many others out there as well. It has a swing arm underneath that you can pull out to measure those larger papers. Perfect for me and the scrapbooking I do!

The other awesome thing about this trimmer is that it doesn’t just measure to 12″ which is a problem for people like me that scrapbook in 12 x 12 sizes. It goes past 14″! AWESOME, right?!

To get started on the SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget Project, take out your 12.’ 25″ x 8.5″paper and your paper trimmer. Score your paper at 5 3/4″. If your paper is larger or smaller, add or subtract the same difference from my measurements to get the same result.

This is what the scored line looks like from the paper trimmer.

Fold along the scored line. Repeat for however many folders you will need for your SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget Project.

This is a sample of what we will be making.

I really like the folder idea to store your cards. This way if you are looking for a certain themed card, you can pull it out and thumb through them to find which one you are looking for.

Take out your A Creative Journey with Melissa Sentiments for All Occasions Stamp Set, Acrylic Stamp Block, paper and ink.

Pick the sentiment that best fits what you would like to have for a folder from your stamp set and place it on your stamp block.

You may notice that the stamp has some stain on it. This will not effect the integrity of the image of the stamp or sentiment. Sometimes I forget to clean my stamps when I am doing a project which can cause this along with using different types of more permanent ink.

Ink your sentiment and stamp your sentiment.

If you notice, the stamped sentiment is clean and clear without any issue and will continue to be.

When you are done you are SUPPOSED to clean off your stamps. I use the stampin up stamp cleaner and scrub pad. Honestly products I have used for numerous years and have continued to on my own stamps.. when I remember.

When I get my stamps, I also store the in envelopes. I write the name on the top and store them in alphabetical order. Having the ability to be able to carry them around in a small box and not have to worry about binders is something I prefer. This also works great for me when I go to crops.

Now, we are going to stamp the second sentiment for our SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget Project. Place your stamp on the stamp block and ink.

Stamp your file folder with the sentiment you have chosen.

This is what the second stamped sentiment looks like. Works great! I realize this is probably just the beginning of your list of folders you may want to make but you can get it done! I believe in both of us!

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Thank you for joining us for the SUPER EASY – Organizing Handmade Cards on a Budget Project. I hope I have inspired you to organize yourself even if in just a small way! BE SURE TO CHECK BACK TO SEE IF YOU ARE A WINNER!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.