How to Store Thin Dies

Do you struggle with how to store thin dies? How to Store Thin Dies is what we have for you today. I like to keep the sets together so I wanted to show you what I do. I will show you what I do, use and how it works. Pretty fast and simple! Just like I like it!

All you need for this project is a paper trimmer, your stamp set and magnetic vent covers! Pretty simple!

I love the dies but I DO NOT LIKE the sheets they come on. They have double sided tape and REALLY STICK and when you pull them off, the rip the paper and almost feel like it would have bent the die if I wasn’t careful.

Here’s the solution! Store thin dies on a piece of magnetic vent cover! YES! I KNOW! I have done it with other sheets of magnet but this seems to be the most economical and perfect for die sets!

This is the kind I use but I am sure there are more out there. I don’t recall which Home Improvement store I bought this at but it was either Home Depot or Lowes.

So here is another set of dies that I received and as you can see, it also has the double sided tape.

To store thin dies, I carefully and I mean CAREFULLY pulled off the dies. This wasn’t as sticky as the other. My guess is it is because it didn’t have as many small parts in this set.

I took the magnetic vent cover and using my trimmer, I cut it to the size of the paper insert from the stamp set. You can obviously measure it too however Just one little 1/16″ off and the envelope may not close properly so I just used the insert as a guide. Worked like a CHARM!

The vent cover has the black magnetic side and the white side. Stick your dies on the black side and it actually made it easier to see the dies as well.

This is what it looks like once they have been placed on the magnetic vent cover. When you store thin dies and use these, you get three to a pack and they are 8 x 15″.

Even on their side they don’t fall off. They are not SO magnetic that they are impossible to get off (you know what I am talking about) but are strong enough to keep everything in place.

When I am done using my dies, I store them back in the insert that they came in.

I then place the insert inside the envelope. This way all of the pieces are in one place and I don’t have to worry about losing any. THAT IS ANNOYING and yes it has happened before!

Doesn’t it look nice? Now you can either place your die envelope in a filing drawer, bin or whatever process that works best for you! What do you do with your dies? I would love to see your ideas and have your input! If you are interested in any of the die sets or the paper trimmer from Stampin’ Up, check out Brandie’s Website Here and you can order your own!

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