Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging

Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging is what we have for you today. The holidays are coming!! A great way to get prepared  for the holidays is to make some great packaging for your gifts! Whether you are making your own brownies, fudge, scarves or giving any type of gift, you can create Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging! You can make these in mass quantity so you have them on hand during the busy time of the season! Are you ready? Let’s go on a CREATIVE JOURNEY!

Supplies Needed for Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging

A Creative Journey with Melissa You’re Snow Wonderful Stamp Set

Acrylic Stamp Block

Die Cut

Sizzix Manual Die Cut Machine & Platforms

Chameleon Alcohol Pens

Detail Pen

Corner Rounder

Paper to Stamp on

Paper for gift topper

Strong Adhesive

This is a cute little treat bag I made and it includes pencils. This type of gift is perfect for kids to give at school to friends and teachers. You can use this type of creation as a tag for a large gift as well as a card or package.

Take out your die.

Stampin Up retired this die. If you don’t have a die, you can always just use a rectangle and round the edges for both the stamped area as well as the bag topper.

Place your paper to stamp on over the cutting side of the die. Put the die and paper down on the clear cutting platform.

Place your second clear platform on top of the die and run the die through the machine.

I made the tag for the Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging.

For the bag top, you want to be sure that the tag you create fits on its base. There is plenty of room on the sides so that it will fit quite nicely once folded.

Fold your bag top paper in half.

Using the corner rounder, round the corners of your bag top.

This is what it looks like after you have rounded the corners.

Take out your bag and the contents for it. Place your contents inside the bag ensuring there is enough room at the top for the bag topper.

Put your bag top paper over your bag and contents and align it so it is even on both sides. Using your stapler, staple your top over the clear bag.

The bag top has been stapled and this what it looks like after you have finished the stapling.

Fold over your die cut and set it aside.

With the A Creative Journey with Melissa You’re Snow Wonderful Stamp Set, you have numerous choices for your Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging. Not only do you have a Snow Mom and Snow Dad; you also have the ability to create snow people and even snow kids. You can also add pets for the family such as snow dogs and birds as well as snowflakes, snow balls and other decor for your creation. What would you make?

I chose the words to and from as well as the small snow person. This snow person can be a boy or a girl and you can decorate it with various extras in the stamp set. This is a different way to line up your stamps to stamp with. The awesome thing about clear stamps is you can see exactly where you are putting them. I place my stamps down exactly how I want them to be stamped, alignment and all.

Place your acrylic stamp block on top of the stamps.

Look how awesome the stamps look and are ready to go by using this method!

Ink your image and sentiment for your Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging.

Stamp your image and sentiment on your bag top paper.

Stamp your sentiment and image.

Using the stick arm, ink and stamp it on either side of the snow person image on your bag top.

I stamped the stick arms.

Since I did not have my orange stamp pad to stamp a carrot nose, I used my orange Chameleon pen. Using the brush nib, I just used a small flick and made a carrot nose.

Your carrot nose completed!

Using the blue chameleon pen, color the scarf on the snow person.

Take out your gray chameleon pen. Take off your cap on the bullet nose nib and place the blending solution chamber on top of the gray bullet nib and hold upright for 5-10 seconds. The blending solution combined with the pigment will make it lighter. Now, color the snowman on the side to show some shadowing and highlight.

Using your detail penand your stamps and create the face as well as place the buttons on the snow person.

Here I used the detail pen to create the eyes, mouth, buttons and names for the gift bag top.

Here is a close up of the front Simple Handmade Holiday Gift Packaging.

Apply strong adhesive the the inside of the stamped sentiment bag top paper.

Place the stamped sentiment tag on top of the mat for the sentiment as shown.

IT’S COMPLETE! Now imagine all of the different things you can do with this!

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