Relaxing Coloring Therapy for Cancer Awareness with GIVEAWAY

Relaxing Coloring Therapy for Cancer Awareness with GIVEAWAY is what we have for you today. I really wanted to do two cards today. I realize Breast Cancer Awareness Month is this Month and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is November however I felt compelled to create something for both and I did!

Today for the Relaxing Coloring Therapy for Cancer Awareness, we are creating a Thinking of You card to honor those with cancer.

Specifically, Breast Cancer for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I wanted to create a card for Pancreatic Cancer for my friend Kim. She is an amazing woman, mother and friend. We would appreciate all of the positive thoughts, prayers and love for her during this difficult journey with Pancreatic Cancer.


For my first creation using Coloring Therapy for Cancer Awareness, I created a Breast Cancer Awareness card. I used the Awareness Ribbon Set #3 – Ready for a Fight stamp set as well as my Chameleon Pens.


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I used the same techniques for the second Pancreatic Cancer card with a few different materials.  I liked using purple too in order to highlight the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness color.  Here is a close up picture of the card creation.


Here are the supplies I used for my second card.


First you will want to take out your Awareness Ribbon Set #3 – Ready for a Fight stamp set out as well as your ink, stamp block and paper to stamp on. coloring-therapy-for-cancer-awareness-with-giveaway-f

Take out your sentiment and place it on the block and ink the sentiment and stamp on your paper. I like to make a few extra so I usually stamp at least one extra to keep on hand.


Clean off your stamp and stamp block then take out the gloves from your Awareness Ribbon Set #3 – Ready for a Fight stamp set.

coloring-therapy-for-cancer-awareness-with-giveaway-hStamp your glove onto your paper.


*Note: I usually make a few extra so I have them on hand for future projects.

coloring-therapy-for-cancer-awareness-with-giveaway-jStamp the other glove so you have opposite hands for your project.


This is what it looks like as I am stamping.

*Another Note: You want to be sure you have one of each hand or else it will not look right on your creation.


Take out your punch and sentiment.


Punch out your sentiments with your punch. Set the extras aside for future use on another project.


.Take out your V04 Chameleon Pen and then take off the cap to the nib side in which you prefer to use. Set it aside and place your blending solution chamber on top of the nib. You need to ensure your nibs are touching in the chamber and hold the pen upright and I held it upright for approximately 15 seconds.

For this pen, the pigment is so intense, it really doesn’t get as light as lavender. It is really just a slightly lighter version than concord grape in color as shown.


Due to the dark color of the v04 pen, I colored using the blending solution/ink combination first in the area in which I would like to highlight.


Color in the remainder of the glove. It will start to shade darker as the blending solution wears off and more of the pigment comes through.  Repeat the blending solution/ink mixture process again for approximately 15 seconds and color the areas in which you want to highlight on your image.


You will then want to color in the rest of the image and go over the areas in which you want to shadow or darken. I trace around all of the image lines to show depth in your image.


Here shows the shadowing with the variation of color in  your image.


Cut out your colored gloves and leave a small amount of white around your image to highlight it on the creation.


Take out your card base and your patterned paper and place adhesive on the back of the patterned paper.


Place your paper on the card base. I chose to put it a little to the left.coloring-therapy-for-cancer-awareness-with-giveaway-w

Measure your ribbon so that it will wrap around the front flap of the card.


Place a very small amount of adhesive in the middle of the ribbon and then adhere to the inside of the card to keep it in place.


Wrap the ribbon around the front of the card and tie in a knot. Set the card aside.


Take out your white twine and place your foam square on both ends.


Place foam squares on the back of the gloves and adhere to your card front on top of the ribbon.


Place foam squares on the back of your sentiment. Be sure they are pushed down both on the twine as well as the creation so that they do not fall off.


Place the sentiment on the ribbon and make sure that you have it centered between the two gloves.


Wrap the twine around the sentiment on the corners and this will give your sentiment texture and attention in your creation.


Your creation is complete! This is what it will look like.


Here are both of the creations I made and as you can see by changing the color of the gloves, I changed the Awareness theme of the card. Our Awareness Ribbon Stamp Sets are versatile and can be used for multiple Awareness causes.

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Thank you for joining us today and going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.