Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition

Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition is what we have for you today. If you don’t already have a family tradition, no better time than the present to start one TODAY! This project is super easy and can be done every year for your tree, family, friends and even as gifts! Are you ready? Well, before we get started on the Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition Project, we are having an awesome sale now through 11/30! Be sure to check it out and no coupon needed! Now, let’s get CREATIVE!

Supplies Needed for the Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition Project

Crop A Dile

5- Patterned paper cut 1/2″ x 5″

5- Colored Paper without pattern cut 1/2″ x 5″

Red Twine 6″ long

Red Acid Free Pen


2 Red Brads (mine have glitter to add a little sparkle)

This is a side view of the Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition Project I created. I written five of things that I love.. This shows  I love our laughter… And I really do!


To begin this project, take out your non patterned paper and acid free pen.

Using my red pen, I wrote five different things that I love about our family. I also spelled silliness wrong even said it didn’t look right in the video but it happens… lol

Take the written papers and patterned paper and switch every other one as shown above.

Put them in order in a concise pile as shown.

Using your Crop A Dile, punch holes in one side of the pile approximately 1/2 – 3/4 ” from the end of the paper.

Flip one of the papers around and use it as a guide. Punch a hole through the other side of the papers.

Now, you only have one paper with one side that doesn’t have a hole. Match that one up and punch the hold in the remaining side.

Take your twine and tie a knot at the end of the cut pieces. Do not make it a tight knot.

Take one of your brads and place the feet of the brad (pointy leg part LOL) and place it inside the knot as shown. Pull the knot tightly to keep it in place.

Trim the excess twine relatively close to the knot without unraveling it.

Place your brad/twine into the side where the writing is showing like above.

Open up the brad legs to keep the papers held together. You do not need to have it super tight or else you will not be able to manipulate the paper into an ornament.

Put your second brad into the hold on the other side of the paper as shown. Make sure the top of the brad is on the same side as the other one with the twine. This will give a cleaner look on the outside of the ornament once it is complete.

Like the other brad, you will also open the legs on the brad up so it keeps the paper in place but not too tight or else again, you won’t be able to create the ornament.

This is what the back of the paper looks like once brads are placed.

Here is what the front looks like with the brads and twine showing.

For the design of the Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition Project, you can either make a slight rounded look or you can fold in half gently to give the look that I used. Either way looks great!

Separate your papers like shown above, one paper at a time.

The best way to try to get it relatively even is to compress the ornament so that you can see how it lines up as shown. This will give you a much better visual to see where the papers align. You will NOT get it perfect. Trust me from experience LOL!

Now, take your ornament and squeeze it gently into a ball shape as shown. This gives a great rounded look as shown to the above left.

This is the completed Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition Project. You can see the top on the left and the side on the right.

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Thank you for joining us for the Yearly Handmade Ornament Tradition Project . I hope I have inspired you to create something that can be a tradition and keepsake for years to come! Please be sure to share what you come up with!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.