Removing Color with Alcohol Markers

Removing Color with Alcohol Markers is what we have for you today. Normally I am telling you how to color with your Chameleon alcohol pens. Today, I am going to show you how to remove color to create a design, pattern or texture using alcohol pens.

Supplies Needed for the Removing Color with Alcohol Markers Project

Chameleon Pens (or any alcohol Marker)

Blender Pen


Protected area to work on or protective mat

Your blender pen is what you are going to use to take color away from your area. Think of it as almost the effect of a bleach on your colored area and it takes the pigment away.

Uncap your blender pen. To get the best effect of grass on your colored area, I would suggest you use the brush nib side of your pen.

Using a flicking motion, flick your pen from the bottom toward the top to create a grass look to your colored area. It will show less and less pigment as it dries.

I’m not sure  if you can see the green on the blender pen.  For the Removing Color with Alcohol Markers, this is what happens when you use the blender pen on a color.

If you do happen to get some color on it, use a scratch piece of paper and color off the marker. Basically you will write with it until the color comes off on the paper. This will ensure none of the previous color gets on the new project.

For this design, I decided to draw a simple smiley face.

For the Removing Color with Alcohol Markers Project you can see what the green looks like with the grass design. It is still drying but you can see the pattern.

Here you can see a slight smiley face pattern on the yellow circle. It is still drying so it isn’t as clear yet.

Just to make sure the smiley face is clear, I went over the smiley face a few times to show you the difference between when you do it once for the pattern versus a few times.

While the smiley face us drying and becoming more visable, I am coloring a square with the chameleon pen for the Removing Color with Alcohol Markers Project.

If you notice on the square I colored, the top has a little bit of color protruding from the main coloring. I am going to correct that by using the blender pen.

To correct the coloring of the square, color with the blender pen toward the color. This will move the color and almost work like an eraser.

As you can see, the blender pen used to erase some of the color worked! If you notice there is still a little bit more color that needs to be erased, repeat using the blender pen. The ore [pigment in the color the longer and harder it is to erase.

Now that the paper has had some time to dry, you can really see where the smiley face is thicker and more evident. The possibilities are endless, you can use dots, hashtags, stars, circles, squares, triangles, etc. You can make your own background using this technique as well!

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