5 cards in 15 minutes using Sign Language Stamps

Would you like to create 5 cards in 15 minutes using Sign Language Stamps? In this video, I will give you step by step instructions to do just that! If you like to learn by watching a video (above) or by looking at a pictorial (below) we have you are covered? Ready, Set, Let’s Get Started!!

The supplies you will need:

Sign Language Sentiment Stamps

Stamp Block


Foam Squares


Card Base

Patterned Paper

Paper for sentiment


TwineSupplies w text

I have created these cards in an assembly line. You will repeat everything five times or as many times as you need to for the number of cards you are making. Take out your ink, paper for your sentiment, stamp block and Sign Language Sentiments Stamp Set.

Take out stamps, ink, paper and stamp block

Place your sentiment on your stamp block.take stamp and place on stamp block Ink your sentiment

Ink your stampStamp your sentiment on your paper. Repeat inking  and stamping your sentiment five times.

stamp sentiment on paper

Take your twine, wrap it around your sentiments and tie a knot. Repeat five times.

wrap twine around sentiment paper, tie and trim excess

Place 3-D foam squares to the back of the sentiments. Repeat five times.

place foam squares on the back of the sentiment paper

Place adhesive on the back of the patterned paper. Repeat five times.

apply adhesive to the back of the patterned paper

Adhere patterned paper to card base. Repeat five times.

apply patterened paper to the card base

Remove foam square backings from your stamped sentiment papers. Repeat five times.

remove foam square backing

Place sentiment on card base. Repeat five times.

apply sentiment to card

Here are the five card creations! Including all explanations this took 15 minutes! You can do it too!

Please be sure to share your creations with us!

five cards

 Thank you for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.