Create Your Own Pocket Mini Journal, Planner, Date Book or Notebook!

Do you want to Create Your Own Pocket Mini Journal, Planner, Date Book or Notebook? Then you have come to the right place! You will look at composition books in a new way! I will show you how to use a mini composition book and decorative paper to create your own one of a kind Pocket Mini Journal, Planner, Date Book or Notebook! Not only is it simple to do, it is really inexpensive and you can use them for gifts too! Whether you like to learn by video or pictorial, we have them here!

Thanks for joining us today and let’s get started.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Paper for the cover and back of the mini composition book

Paper for the binding seam of the book

Paper for the Name Tag

Crafty Power Tape

Everyday Alphabet Upper Case and Emoticon Stamp Set


Mini Composition Book

Foam Squares



Paper Clip

Alignment Grid Stamp Block

Ink Pad

Supplies w text

First take out your paper clip and your ribbon. Take out ribbon and clip

Tie your ribbon around your paper clip. Trim Ribbon. Set aside.

Tie a knot on the paper clip with the ribbon

Take out your Everyday Alphabet and Emoticon Stamp Set, Acrylic Block with Grid, Ink and Paper.

Take out block, ink , stamps and paper

Place your stamps on the acrylic block. If you need to use one letter twice like the example, Leave a space for it in your word so you can go back and add it later.

 place stamps on block

Ink your stampsInk letters

Stamp your letters onto your paper

stamp letters

Clean off your stamps and remove the stamps you don’t need. Ink and stamp the letter(s) you need to add for your creation. In this case, I needed to add another “S” to it to spell the name Melissa. here I am just stamping the “S” to fill in where I didn’t have two of them to use.

add additional letters

Here is the finished stamped name.

Stamped name

Take your punch and punch out the name for your creation.

punch out letters

Place foam squares on the back of the punched out paper. Set aside.

add foam squares and set aside

Take out your paper, crafty tape, and mini composition book. There are two ways you can add adhesive to your project. Either directly onto the book or directly onto the paper and then place it on the book. I will show you both ways.

For this example, you will adhere your crafty power tape to the edges of the front of your book. Make sure the adhesive is on by rubbing over it with your finger. adhere tape to bookRemove the backing from the tape.

remove tape backing

Place your decorative piece of paper on the composition book. Rub your finger along all edges of where the adhesive is to ensure proper adhesion.

push down on paper to ensure tape is adhered properly

Trim the excess paper off of the edges of the book.

trim edges

Here is the second way you can place adhesive on your project for the cover and back.

Turn the book over. Get your second piece of paper and place your adhesive directly on the paper.

Apply tape to the back of the paper

Remove your tape backing, adhere to book and rub along the edges to ensure proper adhesion.

push down on paper to ensure paper is adhered

 Take your paper for the binding and apply your power crafty tape to the entire area taking extra notice to the edges of the paper and center. Rub the tape backing onto the paper making sure the adhesive has adhered to the paper. Trim excess edges.

Apply adhesive to the paper to cover the bindingRemove the backing from the tape and be sure there isn’t any adhesive over lapping the edges of the paper.

Check to be sure none of the glue hangs over.

Place the binding paper onto the book. Be sure to rub with fingers to ensure proper adhesion.

Adhere binding paper to book

Take the book and having the piece of paper face down, use the pressure and the table to adhere the paper then slowly roll the book away from you and to the other side trying to make a hard crease on the edges of the book.

Roll the paper to form to the binding of the book

Make sure you rub the entire booking and especially the binding area so that the adhesive is fully adhered. Trim excess edges.

Press down paper to adhere to book

Take your punched out tag and remove the backing from the foam squares. Adhere to your composition book.

adhere label

Take your paper clip and place it on your book. Your project is complete!

Finished project

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoyed creating this adorable book and would love to hear how you plan to use it! We appreciate that you have taken the time to spend it with us and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.