Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card Tutorial with Giveaway

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card Tutorial with Giveaway is what we have for you today.


We are not only doing a tutorial for a Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card

but we are also giving away the Awareness Ribbon Stamp Set #1 we used to create the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Blog so that you can qualify for the giveaway! This is the same set we gave away last week and the winner for last week is Jean Marmo! Send us your info so we can send you out your prize! Now….this awesome tutorial is super cute and pretty easy! Let’s get started!


In addition to the items shown above, you will also need a manual die cut machine, adhesive and scissors.


This is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card we will be creating today.


First you will want to get out your dies, paper  you plan on using to cut with the die and  your manual die cut machine.

If you are using a Sizzix die cut machine, place your platform on tab 2 and place your clear platform on top of tab 2 as shown.

Place your paper on top of the clear platform

and then place your die cutting side down on the paper you want to cut.

Using the handle, rotate it so that your die goes thru the machine.

This is what your die and die cut looks like once it has gone through the machine. Repeat the die cut process for as many feathers you wish to placed on the front of the card.


Take out your card base and patterned paper. Apply adhesive to the back of the decorative paper.


Adhere the decorative paper to the front of the card base.


Take out your Awareness Stamp Set #1.

Using the acrylic block, adhere the largest ribbon stamp to the block.


Open your ink and apply ink to your stamp and stamp on your paper.


Take out your PK 3 Chameleon Pen. Remove the blending solution chamber and the cap from the bullet nib end. Set aside the cap for the bullet nib.

breast-cancer-awareness-month-card-tutorial-with-giveaway-pPlace the blending solution chamber on top of the bullet nib.

Be sure that the nibs are touching to allow proper transfer of the blending solution.


Hold the pen upright for 10-15 seconds.


Remove the blending solution cartridge and color your image in the area where the light source would be which is the lightest part of the image.


Fill in the rest of the image. Notice how the middle is lighter as that would be where the light would hit the ribbon. This lighter color from the blending solution allows for proper shading.


Now to Create the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card.Cut out the ribbon. Take out your acrylic block, ink and warrior stamp.


Place the warrior stamp on the block and ink the stamp. Stamp the word on top of the colored Awareness Ribbon. Set aside.


Take out your feather die cuts.

Place them in the way you wish to put them on your card. Place a small amount of adhesive on the back of the top two feathers to keep them in place. Set aside.


Place adhesive on the back of your awareness ribbon and apply the bead garland to the back of the awareness ribbon.


Next, you will want to take out your pearls and your quick stick tool. Carefully place three of the medium sized pearls using the rhinestone tool.


You will place one pearl on each feather as shown.


Once this is done, take out your foam squares. Place one foam square behind the front leaf and the middle leaf.


Place your leaves on the card front to check out placement.

Once you have it where you want it, place a foam square on the card front where the leaf will be placed. Remove the backing of the foam square and adhere.


Place your foam squares on the back of the awareness ribbon with the beads.


Remove the backing of the foam squares and adhere the ribbon to the top of the feathers as shown.


You have finished your creation! Thank you for joining us to create the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Card tutorial. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.


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  1. Maja
    Maja says:

    Great card, stamp set and great (video) tutorial. I need to get my hands on that adhesive you are using. I am hopeless when it gets gluing stuff to the center at first try and then I have to reposition them.Annoying, especially since my sticky tape isn’t so “forgiving”. :S
    I like how your card turned out. Those pearls give it a pretty and elegant look and I like those feather dies cuts with this stamp you used too. Fab work! xx

  2. Janis in ID
    Janis in ID says:

    Melissa, your card is so elegant and lovely! Those feathers and pearls are the perfect accompaniment to your stamp set. What a thoughtful and beautiful card.

    I don’t have any awareness stamps and sometimes those would be just the right thing for a card. I really like how your set has several sizes of the ribbons and so many wonderful one-word sentiments to choose from….as well as that encouraging sentiment about strength! I would love to give this stamp set a home in my craft room. Thank you for the chance!!!

    Sorry it has been so long since I have dropped in. Life happens, right? 🙂 I am, of course, a subscriber to your blog in various venues and now I am a new subscriber to your YouTube channel, too! Yay!!! Have a lovely week!!
    <3 J

  3. Mary Samuelson
    Mary Samuelson says:

    Simply beautiful, and thank you so much fir the inspiration. Today is my mammogram also so I am going to do a few quick cards to guve the techs at my radiology place..

  4. Preeti D.
    Preeti D. says:

    Such a pretty card and for such an important issue. I love the softness the pearls add to the card, its so very elegant and thanks a lot for this initiative to create awareness about breat cancer 🙂


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