Ribbon Causes in October with Chameleon Pens

Ribbon Causes in October with Chameleon Pens is what we have for you today.

Many are aware that Breast Cancer Awareness is in October but

Did you know there were multiple other Awareness causes in the month of October?

There are numerous Ribbon Causes in October including Depression, Down Syndrome, Cultural Diversity to name a few. Today we are going to be coloring an Awareness Ribbon from Awareness Ribbon Set #1. We are highlighting three causes. Depression which is represented by the color green. A second cause is Down Syndrome which is represented by the color blue and yellow. The third cause we are coloring a ribbon for is Cultural Diversity which is represented by the color Orange. We also have an awesome giveaway so be sure that you are a subscriber to our blog as well as a YouTube Subscriber so that you can qualify for our giveaway!

Now, onto coloring!

We are going to start coloring with green for Depression Awareness as one of the Ribbon Causes in October.

This is something that I personally suffer from as do some of my loved ones. Clearly this Awareness Cause is very close to my heart and personal to me.

Ribbon Causes in October e

To start, we are going take off the cap off of the bullet nib side.

Ribbon Causes in October d

I prefer the bullet nib side for coloring for this project.

Ribbon Causes in October g

Take the blending solution cartridge and place it on the side of the bullet nib.

Ribbon Causes in October h

Check to be sure that the blending solution nib as well as the bullet nib are touching so that the blending solution can transfer nibs.

Ribbon Causes in October i

Hold your Chameleon Pen upright for 10-15 seconds.

Ribbon Causes in October j

Remove the blending solution cartridge and set aside. Notice how the nib is lighter in color on the tip versus further down on the nib.

Ribbon Causes in October k

Color your Awareness Ribbon where you would like the highlighted (light source area) colored.

Ribbon Causes in October l

For the next step, I personally outline my images and then fill them in. It’s something my paternal Grandmother taught me and I still continue to do it now as an adult.

Ribbon Causes in October m

Fill in the color the rest of your image.

Ribbon Causes in October n

Now, we will be coloring an Awareness Ribbon for Down Syndrome as one of the Ribbon Causes in October.

My God Daughter has Down Syndrome so this cause is very near and dear to my heart. I colored the right side of the ribbon blue and am coloring the left side of the ribbon yellow.

Ribbon Causes in October o

This is the ribbon with the coloring complete.

Ribbon Causes in October p

Lastly, we will be coloring an Awareness Ribbon orange for Cultural Diversity as one of the Ribbon Causes in October. Something that I think is very important especially in the current climate of the world.

I have already placed my blending solution on the top of the nib for approximately 10-15 seconds. As you can see it is lighter in color.

Ribbon Causes in October q

We colored the highlighted area of this ribbon and are now outlining the ribbon and will be coloring it in.

Ribbon Causes in October s

This is the finished ribbon.

Ribbon Causes in October t

Now for the giveaway!!!

We are going to be giving away a five pack of the earth tones chameleon pens. This includes the orange that I used for the Awareness Ribbon for Cultural Diversity! Just be sure to be a subscriber to both our YouTube Channel and our Blog and you will be entered to win. If you would like to have an additional chance, be sure to leave a message on this post! That’s it!

Ribbon Causes in October c

Now, the winner for our last weeks giveaway of the Awareness Ribbon Set #1 is

Melissa, your card is so elegant and lovely! Those feathers and pearls are the perfect accompaniment to your stamp set. What a thoughtful and beautiful card.

I don’t have any awareness stamps and sometimes those would be just the right thing for a card. I really like how your set has several sizes of the ribbons and so many wonderful one-word sentiments to choose from….as well as that encouraging sentiment about strength! I would love to give this stamp set a home in my craft room. Thank you for the chance!!!

Thank you so much for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed going on A Creative Journey with Melissa.